Scrambled Eggy

8 thoughts on “Scrambled Eggy

  1. Eggy,

    I apologize but the devil made me do it!

    Lady One: “Why did you tell everyone my husband had a wart on his penis?”

    Lady Two: “I never said no such a thing!”

    Lady One: “But they all said you did!”

    Lady Two: “All I said was ‘It felt like he did.'”

  2. He’s bound to fuck up now and then, and he certainly has with this gay-phobic gay guy, but we hear a lot more about his fuck ups than we do anyone else’s.

  3. I think a lot of “us” are holding on to this issue in the hopes that he’ll figure out a way to make it right. I think he can still salvage this screw-up if he’d just take the bull by the horns and own up to it.

  4. We’ll see tonight, I guess (hope). But seriously, as I read in one of the items Eggy linked to above, the media is pretty much making us follow this campaign non-stop because they don’t want to spend time focusing on real issues.

    Pay close attention to the post-debate analysis. I suspect that you’ll hear a lot about how someone or his/her position plays to the voters, but very little about the veracity or plausibility of those views. Political news coverage has become pathetic in recent years. Who cares how much someone supposedly spent on a haircut? (I don’t.) Does the amount of cleavage that Hillary shows really matter? (No, and I’ve seen better.) And will the media once and for all explain just what the hell the Iraq War Authorization that they talk about so much actually said, instead of just saying the candidate “voted for the war in Iraq”? I doubt it. They think we’re stupid, so they look for the easy angle to waste their time on.

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