Cheap shot of the debate

The real low moment of the debate last night came with a cheap shot by Tim Russert by using the 30-second lightening round, in the last three minutes of the debate, to put Dennis Kucinich on the spot and dismiss him by asking his a ridiculous question and then not giving him adequate time to respond. To Kucinich’s credit, I felt he handled it pretty well. It was totally shameful and unfair.

According to The Largest Minority:

First off, what the hell do UFOs have to do with anything? The Onion put out a video titled: “Bullshit Is Most Important Issue For 2008 Voters”. This issue is indeed bullshit. It’s a clear hit job which had nothing to do with American politics, and served the sole purpose of belittling a politician the corporate media does not want elected into office.

Secondly, ridiculing someone for seeing a UFO, then cutting them short when they try to answer the question honestly is outright shameful. Russert asked this question during a 30 second lightning round so he could get his laugh and move on. Dennis may have been able to properly clear up McClain’s colorful interpretation of the event, but was not allowed to elaborate. Russert’s intention to destroy Kucinich’s presidential aspirations was quite clear. There is a profound disdain towards underdogs amongst the network pundits. Is there any doubt that this bit of blood in the water will continue to feed an obsessive media frenzy whenever Kucinich is mentioned?

Third, UFOs are not spaceships. They would be categorized as identified flying objects if they were. Claiming you saw a UFO means by definition that you’re not completely sure what you saw. Therefor, UFOs undoubtedly do exist. They have been reported by pilots, astronauts, and cosmonauts for decades. Dennis tried to explain that distinction, but was talked-over by Russert.

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71 thoughts on “Cheap shot of the debate

  1. Well of course, this is a 2 v 3 contest already. Big money and big media has spoken. Anyone who polls less than Stephen Colbert had better get out of the race: you’ve obviously nothing to say that anyone needs to hear.

    /sarcasm off

  2. The debate pissed me off..The first 19 minutes were directed to Hillery, Obama and Edward’s…Would be interesting to see a total minute count on all the candidate’s…..There is no fair media coverage so far either during debate’s or new’s time…Blessings

  3. Another thing that pissed me off was the fact the old guy, Gavel, was eliminated……The dem’s are doing a repeat of the Nader bann….Everyone should be allowed to appear with equal time damn it or no one, period…

  4. As George Carlin so clearly pointed out there is far more evidence in support of UFOs than God. Yet if you believe in them you are a kook but believe in a Old Dude on a cloud and you are A-Okay. What a bunch of stupid shit. I thought Kucinich handled it fine as he does all the dumb shit thrown his way. But I only heard about his response and did not hear or see it myself. The key word here is Unidentified.

  5. witch1, Nader is suing the Democratic Party for what they did to him. DO you think that other candidates should join. I think it would send a message if a Democrat sued the Democrats.

  6. “My Flying spagetti monster is better than your flying spagetti monster!”

    “What! I’ll KILL you!”

    (please see Jesus Camp as my reference material)

  7. Spudge_Boy, did not know that he was sueing them, hell yes and I would like to join in on the suit just as soon as I can prove the spinless enabeling basterd’s are just as guilty as bush is. Don’t hold your breath though, I will die off before any of the above happen’s…

    I’m annoyed with the fact they did not have a closed section on their media set last night as well..The guy that ran through with the no more blood for oil was O.K. by me but all the Ron Paul sign’s were not….Any guesses how many of the Dem’s will have sign’s showing at the Republican debate.? Bet not many if at all….Blessings

  8. Kucinich’s answer was great. The fact that he was asked the question is more telling than his answer. My guess is he scare’s the powers that be more than the rest of the debaters, now that Gravel is out, and they want him gone next. Democracy my ass.

  9. willyloman

    I turned my friend on to Jesus Camp as he teaches a sociology as well as a social deviance course at my school. He wanted to show it in class after but the principal was afraid and overruled its use as an educational film. Pussy!

  10. “When the Martians land in Huddersfield,
    I’ll tell you what we’ll do.
    We’ll grab the little green buggers
    And show them a thing or two.
    What do they think they’re doing
    With our women and our jobs?
    We’ll make them work on the buses
    Like the rest of the bloomin’ frogs
    That’s what we’ll do” – Mike Harding

  11. Kucinich was asked about UFOs, but I don’t believe Obama was asked about his little scandal with Donnie McClurkin, an incident much more telling about the quality of a candidate for the country’s most important office. Good work, Timmeh.

  12. willy, “palling around” is an exaggeration, I admit. But it’s certainly bad enough that Obama has this guy stumping for him. I just wish Obama would try to appease those of us who find this offensive.

  13. See, this is where you linked too yesterday about this same story… at Ameriblog. they said this:

    ” Second, considering that this entire debacle has been about Obama’s “friends” wanting to change gays straight,…”

    see, even they don’t just come out and say Obama and the gay basher are friends, because they have some journalistic integrety. they at least put it in quotation marks.

  14. Yeah, “palling around” was an exageration. Thank you for that.

    I understand you don’t like McClurkin. I don’t like his opinion about homosexuality either…

    but I seriously doubt that either Obama, Clinton, Edwards, Kucinich, McCain, Dodd, Biden, Hell, any of them, have the time to be booking acts for fund raisers.

    They have a staff for that kind of stuff. So slaming him and talking about McClurkin and Obama as “friends” when he didn’t even attend the one event or pick the talent for the show…

    you see what I mean?

  15. Handles it by not letting it get out of hand. I never heard anyone saying McClurkin and Obama weren’t palling around, and that he was simply hired as a whatever he does.

  16. I think most people assumed that. But I don’t know. Hell, they could be lovers for all I know. I would just like to see something more than innuendo and rumor. that’s all.

    But you are right; his staff should have addressed it sooner.

  17. I added this to my earlier post:

    UPDATE: willyloman has pointed out that it is unfair to accuse Obama of “palling around” with McClurkin, as there is no evidence the two have spent any time together. I was being sloppy in assuming that Obama and McClurkin were actually going to appear together at more than one campaign appearance. Still, I think you all know what I’m trying to say, that I find it problematic that Obama has this guy stumping for him. You can’t pick who might endorse you, but you should be able to control who appears on your behalf at your own events.

  18. Thank’s for the time line link Gregg…Me think’s Russert should not handle the debate’s if he can’t let all the candidate’s have equal time….Who can we write to and bitch about this to.? I’m serious….I want Kuceneich but want to hear from them all equaly. And who was in charge of booting Gavel.?…..Blessings

  19. Wow! If it wern’t for you guy’s I’de be in a cave, some day’s I think I still am.Can’t keep up…Today is another on of those,”I think my head is going to explode” with all the new info….Went back to your site Willy and read all the Gavel stuff,,This new computer is burning up with my slowness in learning….Gonna get on this tomorrow morning earley…..A major thing is the Dem. party along with these manufacturer’s sticking their bomb’s in our political process…They did these dirty trick’s to Nadar, right.? It was unbelievable then but believable now…..Damn I am sick of these son’s a bitche’s that are running our country…..Not all but most…Any one have a good email for Howard Dean and some of the head’s in the Dem party.? Please post….Blessings all and a big Thank you for all you do, each and every one of you, you all matter to me…

  20. Whatever anyone might be wearing Happy halloween! Of course I was raped of the joy of enjoying it with the kiddos as i had to spend it with the fishes so as their mom could enjoy it with the kiddos but whatever

  21. I’ll hope so long as my aging body holds up. Odd that we lived in the former servant quarters on the estate but now the parents are having an addition built onto an 18 room home so the boyfriend and his kids can play Brady Bunch while I sling fish guts! Wanna talk about something else?

  22. My portfolio of topics is sort of small, there’s Sammy my new Laotian iceman at the fish joint, the U-10 scallops I am frying up for a late night grub, and my inability to successfully teach the lowest level public high schoolers basic chemistry but those aside maybe you have a decent topic! Are you much into the Halloween deal? Rosemary’s Baby still scares the shit out of me

  23. Tell Sammy the Iceman I said hi. Sounds like a gangster name.

    I’ve never eaten scallops, fried or otherwise.

    I couldn’t learn chemistry in highschool either.

    Not into Halloween, just ask my poor deprived sons. 😀

  24. I really liked the last ice guy (Jimmy). He was Cambodian. I don’t know what the deal is and try not to ask too many questions but these guys all drive up in a van from Lowell MA to this place near me where I work. They get there by 6 pm and work till anytime as late as 5 am, drive back (roughly 3 hours) and are back the next night. I private company provides this “service” to the company I work for. Assuming they are legal, they still are being exploited and it really bothers me as the three guys who I have worked with are all stand-up men. Their english is poor and we listen to music very loud as we cut, pack, and ice so we all sort of just try to figue out what we think each other is trying to say. I gave Sammy a few fish heads and he was the happiest guy and so I quess we are now bonded.

    You have two sons correct? I doubt they were deprived and bet they love their momma

  25. Thank’s again Willy…..Lady Z has never eaten scallops.? Wow, their the best right behind shrimp and lobster…..Playing catch up with all the info Willy gave me has given me a head ache, will be better tomorrow….No begger’s at my house, I put a bowl of apples and candy out and no one came knocking.Oh well!….Night all..Many Blessings

  26. Wow, those are some hard working guys — like you. I guess they don’t have much choice about the commute, since their families probably live in Lowell.

    Two sons — 25 & 19. They always thought they were picked on, we loved pulling jokes on one another, but they can’t get over their mama. 🙂

  27. Scallops are grand! It isn’t so much Halloween. It is the missing out on some many special things no matter how small. I cried like a baby this fall when the little one went to her first day of school and I did not get to be there to see her off.

  28. That had to be heart-breaking, dbadass. You must have a situation where you both can’t attend the same functions. That’s really too bad. Your girls will always know you’re there for them. Unlike my men.

  29. Not sure of the meaning of the last sentence but also not really my business. Thanks for the kindness. It is hard but I guess this is the longterm cost I must endure for falling in love and marrying outside of my caste. Only a few hours before I must shed my oilskins and put on the tie for the am job so best to you.

  30. My sons’ father wasn’t all that available to them. That was pretty hard. That’s all it meant.

    It’s painful, but it sounds like you get two great little ladies out of the deal. Hard to regret that. 🙂

    Take care.

  31. The only thing I can say db is I cried like a baby when my girl went to her first day of school and I was standing right there taking pictures. Either way, you cry.

    Tonight I had nothing but really little trick or treaters. Mostly boys only 1 girls. And my baby is 13 now so I was kind of weepy seeing all the little ones while mine was out with her friends.

  32. Heh. Both of my men went into the classroom without a look back. I was a little stunned, but I’d rather have it that way, than have them clinging to me.

    No trick or treaters here. Yay! It was weird seeing college age kids dressed up for Halloween today — I’d forgotten it was Halloween, so it was a bit confusing at first. 😀

  33. Oh mine was like yours, any chance to get out in the world and she’s there. I started sending mine to toddler class at preschool shortly after she turned 2 because we didn’t have any kids in the neighborhood and she was bored with me. She walked in there in the middle of the year and thought she owned the place. It’s always harder for me than for her. Now she’s supposed to go on a class trip to Washington DC for her 8th grade trip and I wish I was the one taking her. Her school’s full of … gasp … Republicans.

  34. Oh cool, I wish my school had great trips like that — back in the stone age. I’m sure your little sweetie can speak up for herself against those wimpy Repubs.

  35. Its called Washington Educational Tour but don’t you think it’s the same thing DB? Of course I just opened the envelope today and found out I missed the parents meeting last night. $985 for four days. I don’t know how people who have a lot of kids do it.

  36. I sort of forgot how big the country is. Our 8th graders ride a bus and stay in motels basically although I have never actually witnessed this weirdness. I know some of the teachers who run it. They do Philly, DC, and my old stomping grounds of Amish/Mennonite PA. Any trinketry from Intercourse, Blueballs, or Virginville are all highly prized. After all they are 8th graders.

  37. Oh thanks db, now I’ll know what to expect when she gets home. They have to fly and spend three nights so I can see why it gets expensive. They don’t go until May so I guess they figure that’s time to round up the money.

  38. Oh I forgot to mention, The typical girl will fall in and out of love on average 2.8 times on this trip and 87% of male attendees will claim not to be virgins.

  39. Thanks db. I”ll make sure to get myself some tranquilizers before she leaves. Mine is still “in communication” with the boy she met at student council leadership camp this summer. Politics must be powerfully romantic.

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