Dogging Hillary

All cartoons are posted with the artists’ express permission to TPZoo.
Nick Anderson, Houston Chronicle Editorial Cartoonist and Animation Artist.
For Nick’s animations, visit Nick Anderson: Animation Archives.
For Nick’s cartoons, visit Nick Anderson.

19 thoughts on “Dogging Hillary

  1. Well we all knew this was gonna happen….Cute cartoon….If ya can’t stand the pack biting at your heel’s ya better run faster…..They all know if you aren’t the lead dog your view never change’s so these guy’s are gonna change their view’s…..If we can get equal time for all the runner’s we may have a winner other than 1,2,3,……Blessings

  2. WoooHooo. I finally got to log in Zooey! Funny cartoon, kinda like what happened in the debate with Tim Russert except the cons are being divided, that GOP dawg is not nearly so big!

    BTW looking at your email from 10/22 riiight now. Theres a rift growing between the old school conservatives with Justin Raimondo and Taki Theodorocopulus beating up on Podohoretz and crew. Pretty interesting

  3. You finally made it!! -Zooey

    They like me, they really like me!!
    Heh. Yes, I finally made it. I fell like Rocky Balboa at the top of the steps.

  4. Hillary is not as slick as Willy thats for sure. I wonder what a Hillary White House would look like with the way the Democratic congress is going? They may find themselves out of power before she gets elected if dont find their heuvos and start sticking together on issues. They should all vote against Mukasey if only to show some cohesion in the ranks.

  5. Why would they start now? 😉

    Check out this

    Taki started the American Conservative magazine and started his blog this year he sees modern conservatives as:
    For the past ten years at least, the conservative movement has been dominated by a bunch of pudgy, pasty-faced kids in bow-ties and blue blazers who spent their youths playing Risk in gothic dormitories, while sipping port and smoking their father’s stolen cigars.

  6. Cool blog. I can respect a REAL conservative.

    Same here. Plus I have learned some interesting things over there as they are well informed, plus the ‘modern con’ trolls havent yet made their presence as they have at TP

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