Rudy’s chronic dishonesty

via: TPM

Rudy’s chronic dishonesty — on everything from health care to taxes to his own 9/11 performance — just couldn’t be more blatant. He’s basically flaunting it in the face of the media at this point. He’s all but saying to the press, “bring it on.” So when will pundits start talking about Rudy in these terms?

There is so much in the MSM concerning this penchant for Ruy Giuliani to lie, not mis-speak or stretch the truth, with his lies becoming more and more outrageous and arrogant. Even when faced with the fact he is spreading disinformation, his response is to smile and say something even more astounding.

This latest lie: that the survival rate from prostate cancer is much higher in America than in Britain, something which allegedly proves what a disaster socialized medicine has been, has been completely debunked, though according to his campaign spokesperson it is not going to stop him from continuing to say it. He doesn’t CARE that it isn’t true. That makes him perfect for the job to carry the Torch of Untruths and Secrecy that GW and Dick will be leaving behind.

Does America REALLY want another chronic liar in the White House? Someone who has total contempt for the truth, and a total disregard for the people he is trying to sell his lies to? That is not a sign of integrity or character. Definitely not a tool of leadership. Haven’t we already had enough of this kind of destructive behavior?

Its time for the media to call Rudy Giuliani – forcefully – on his lies.

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