Scrambled Eggy

  • Paul Waldman on the presdiential debate process: “This type of debate question is not about what the candidate believes and would actually do in office, but about how clever the moderator is for cornering the candidate.”
  • Glenn Greenwald’s spat continues: “Several things are notable: (1) Col. Boylan is now resorting to demonstrable, outright lying; (2) he is expressly claiming that the original email is not ‘real,’ rather desperately though clearly insinuating — without the slightest basis — that I fabricated it myself; and (3) the more Col. Boylan writes, the more evident it becomes that he shares numerous viewpoints with the original e-mailer and, more importantly, expresses those viewpoints using the same unique and recognizable style of ‘English’ used to write the disputed email.”
  • Greenwald hasn’t been completely sidetracked by Boylan. He finds time to go after Jay Rockefeller for his support of telecom amnesty: “Rockefeller is doing nothing more than dutifully reciting the standard Bush script used time and again to ‘justify’ lawbreaking: illegal behavior must be allowed because it is paramount that everything remain secret. Thus, we must allow lawbreakers to be free — when they torture, abduct innocent people, spy on Americans with no warrants — because what they did, even though it’s against the law, is Secret.”
  • Matthew Yglesias on Dems getting tough on immigration: “Obviously, Republicans will counter by shifting to an even more restrictionist stance. And since the more anti-immigration party will be arguing that illegal immigrants’ use of public services is a big problem and the less anti-immigration party will also be arguing that illegal immigrants’ use of public services is a big problem, then moderately informed voters are, naturally, going to become even more deeply entrenched in their erroneous conviction that this is a big problem .”
  • Nancy Pelosi will be guest-of-honor at a fundraiser for Congressman Albert Wynn. Exactly what does Pelosi have against challenger Donna Edwards?
  • True or false? “The State Department said yesterday that it had provided ‘limited protections’ to Blackwater Worldwide security guards under investigation in the deaths of 17 Iraqi civilians but insisted that its actions would not preclude successful prosecution of the contractors.”
  • Because who wants to look pathetic? “Tony Blair turned down a last-minute offer from President George Bush for Britain to stay out of the Iraq war because he thought it would look ‘pathetic’, according to a new book on Mr Blair’s tenure.”
  • The Washington Post: “The largest dam in Iraq is in serious danger of an imminent collapse that could unleash a trillion-gallon wave of water, possibly killing thousands of people and flooding two of the largest cities in the country, according to new assessments by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and other U.S. officials.”
  • Mukasey “clarifies” waterboarding: “Bush’s nominee for Attorney General boldly promises to ban ‘repugnant’ activities such as waterboarding if (and only if) he decides that they are illegal, which he can’t decide until he knows the details, which he can’t know until he’s confirmed because he’s not cleared for them and can’t talk about because they’re classified and might ‘provide our enemies with a window into the limits and contours of any interrogation program we may have in place and thereby assist them in training to resist the techniques we may actually use.'”
  • Via the Seattle Times: “Seattle is one of the first major U.S. cities to claim it has cut greenhouse-gas emissions enough to meet the targets of the international Kyoto treaty aimed at combating global warming.”
  • From the Times Herald-Record: “Yesterday, city officials showed off the PistolCam, a lightweight, pager-sized digital camera that attaches to an officer’s gun barrel and automatically begins recording as soon as the officer draws his weapon.”
  • Floating lamps!  Spooky.
  • Winners of the handmade Halloween costume contest, from Etsy.
  • “Passengers on a German train mistook a Halloween reveller dressed up as a gore-covered zombie for a murder victim and called the police.”
  • Finally, Operation Treats brings the joy of Halloween to Iraqi children.

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