Capitol Hill (A Song Parody)

I felt like taking it personally this time. Enjoy “Capitol Hill”, a parody of Peter Gabriel’s “Salsbury Hill”. (You know the one. “My heart was going BOOM, BOOM, BOOM…” yeah. That one.) Zooey was kind enough to find a nice version where he sings it well. Thanks Zooey.

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Capitol Hill
Original Words and Music “Solisbury Hill” by Peter Gabriel
New lyrics by Wayne A. Schneider ©2007

Climbing up on Capitol Hill
I could see I’d have a fight
Legislators standing still
Need to show ‘em what is right

Here is something I observed
Came up here to have my voice
No one seemed to have the nerve
Had to tell ‘em, “You have no choice”

They did not believe the information
Just have to trust in my persuasion
Iraq is going BOOM, BOOM, BOOM
I said, “Do what’s right
And bring the troops back home!”

To keep in line with my design
I couldn’t act like I was nuts
If I stood and moaned and whined
All their doors would soon be shut

So I went from face to face
Though I felt that in my gut
I could slow the dying’s pace
If the funding I should cut

I was seeing part of democracy
I looked right down at the debauchery
Iraq is going BOOM, BOOM, BOOM
I said, “Stop right now,
And bring the troops back home!”

When delusion spin her net
I wanna know how this could be
And liberty is no sure bet
I don’t think that I’ll stay free

Watch their empty rhetoric
They close their eyes and will not see
Why should I use etiquette?
I will show what I can be

Today I got placed in confinement
I told them what the words on my sign meant
Iraq’s still going BOOM, BOOM, BOOM
“Hey”, I said, “You can keep me here
Just bring the troops back home.”
(Yeah, back home)

Tasered Utah Motorist More Generous Than Most

Here’s a follow up to a story posted by TripMaster Monkey recently, which I find rather amazing.  Most people would be a bit pissed off about having been tasered in front of his wife and children by a cocky over-the-top control freak cop, but this guy is asking people to have mercy on Trooper Gardner.

From Raw Story:

“I wish people would realize and think about this: Trooper Gardner is a real person, he’s got a real family. Real lives are being affected,” Jared Massey said earlier this week.

Trooper Jon Gardner of the Utah Highway Patrol subdued Massey with a Taser when the driver walked away and refused to sign a speeding ticket on Sept. 14.

Wow.  That’s really quite amazing…

WH Says It’s “Too Soon” to Discuss Subprime Loan Plan

The subprime mortgage problem is spiraling out of control, but the White House has declined to discuss possible steps toward alleviating the problem, or possible plans to make deals with lenders to freeze the interest rates on some loans.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The White House on Friday said it was “premature” to discuss possible new steps to address the mortgage crisis and declined to comment on reports that officials are working on a deal with lenders to freeze interest rates on some loans.

“It’s premature to talk about those discussions at this point,” White House spokesman Scott Stanzel told reporters, when pressed on whether the administration is working on a new initiative regarding the mortgage market.

Stanzel said that administration officials “certainly have been working in close consultation with the private sector and with the industry to look at ways in which we can help people keep their homes.”  (Emphasis added)

Uh huh, the White House is in cahoots working with the “private sector” and with the “industry” for solutions.  Aren’t these the same entities making massive profit from subprime loans?

I won’t hold my breath…

Another Dem uses the “I” word..

via: Raw Story

Sen. Joe Biden, the loquacious long-shot Democratic presidential candidate, warned President Bush Thursday that he would move for impeachment if the president unilaterally authorized a military strike against Iran.

“The President has no authority to unilaterally attack Iran and … if he does, as foreign relations committee chairman and former chairman of judiciary, I will move to impeach him,” Biden told a crowd of about 100 potential voters at a campaign stop in New Hampshire.

Biden said he is meeting with constitutional law experts and plans to send Bush a legal memo formally outlining his warning, according to Seacoast Online, which reported his comments.

The senior Delaware senator told the crowd that calls for Bush’s immediate impeachment were valid but may not have enough constitutional support to make them viable. He added that Bush wasn’t the only White House figure who deserves to be booted.

“If you’re going to impeach George Bush, you better impeach Cheney first,” Biden said, garnering applause from the crowd.

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As much as I want to see Bush and Cheney impeached, this sure sounds like election year rhetoric and grandstanding by Senator (candidate) Biden. If he were serious, why doesn’t he speak up in support Kucinich’s Resolution H.R. 333 (now H.R. 799)?