114 thoughts on “Edwards Campaign Ad, Getting Closer!

  1. I voted for him in the NH primary last time but I am very much less impressed this time around. I found this a little too scripted. I must admit that I am one of the undecided still. I took tomorrow off so I am skying and school could be a million miles away for all I care. Except of course that I have to be there by 6 am to drop off the sub plans

  2. Head lice is so funny for reasons you couldn’t know. I already did the paperwork two weeks ago for a personal day so fleshing eating bacteria, antibiotic resistant staph, nor ebola will matter.

  3. Impetigo!!!
    If you had not given your years yesterday, this sure as hell would have proven us to be members of the same cohort.

  4. Seems Bag Balm might be the cure for any and all ailments you might come up with. Either that or Vick’s Vapor Rub. Trouble these days is just that folks aren’t using enough balms

  5. Means you all ate together! Every year at The End of the Year holidays we all have to update our lists. Top 5 males and females you want to have sex with. You have to do both regardless of your gender and preference.

  6. One of my sisters stared this crap years ago and it has always stuck. It is pretty hilarious especially now that the neices/nephews/etc are all old enough to be allowed to play. Do you know the game, Marry, Fuck, or Kill?

  7. It is fairly simple. Ideally you want to go out and buy a palor game which I think is called Marry, Date or Dump as this is how we started this. (It is a weird family) and it has premade triplets of both genders. You get a list of three famous people lets say Princess Di, Mother Theresa, and Shakira. You have to explain which one you would marry, which you would (euphemism for fuck), and which you would kill and why. This game goes really well with any and all types of alcohol.

  8. I imagine it would. 😀

    I’m not sure I’d want to know what my immediate family’s answers would be. Some information I just don’t need to have running around in my brain. But I’d love to do something like that for one of our cesspool parties.

  9. Oh my god.

    I’d date Eddie Van Halen, because I think it would be a blast.

    I’d marry Val Kilmer, because hey, why not?

    I’d kill Kissinger — for obvious reasons.

  10. Forget buying the game. You obviously already see the potential for making your own triads.

    Oh and I guess I’d have to “pleasure” the young one although she’s a skank

  11. Well, since Aunt Golda is dead, I’ll leave her that way. I’d date Goldie Hawn, because she seems pretty fun, but I couldn’t stand that laugh for long. I’d marry Whoopi because I love to laugh.

  12. Well done and I hope you find use for the game some day in your quest to understand the human condition.Is grad school nest or is this grad school?

  13. Sly already did the gay porn thing – so….?????
    Chuck is just a bad name and he is a tool so ….kill!!!
    Bruce? Well someone has to toast the eggos

  14. Isn’t Hermione underage? She’s a witch! She weighs the same as a duck! Kill her!

    I’d have to marry Lily Tomlin, because lord knows I’d be too tired after Mizz Susan to think about sex anymore.

  15. Oh I forgot to mention. If you opt for your own triads, you must resist the temptation to seek any unifiying theme. It is best to go stream of consciousness.

  16. Another important rule. Any person known personally by a player can not be listed in a triad. That probably goes without saying but what with the internets and all…

  17. Oh shit.

    Ok, Andy Warhol is dead meat, cuz he’s frickin weird. Normally weird is ok, but this weird is just too weird.

    Who is Billy Jack? I remember the name, but nothing else. Obviously, I must marry him.

    Dan Rather, well ok. He’s getting fucked.

  18. BaBa is probably a very nice grammy
    Not sure if I might persuade the others so better kill Lang as Stein probably has a bigger voice

  19. I looked up Petra. She’s purty. And young enough to be my child.

    I also looked up Billy Jack. I remember now. The first movie came out the year we came back to the states. Black t-shirt and jeans. Yep, I’d marry him.

  20. Alright just Kill Lang in hopes that Stein’s voice will better serve the cause of gender equity. God are the boys at the gym gonna kick my ass for that one!

  21. My Mom once went to his home to try to collect for Muscular Dystrophy. She had no idea who he was till we told her. Well atleast I am told as I was just a little one when it happened

  22. The Killing pretty much has to go to Cheney. George I better marry and make him my p31 or whatever that weird ass shit biblical shit is.
    Sorry to be so crude but does the euphamism part include ^%80? ?

  23. Ok, Harding is dead meat because she’s a poor sport. Can’t stand that.

    Connie, I’ll “date” her because she’d be fun for an evening or two.

    I’m marrying Nurse Rachet because you know she’s all pent up, and I wouldn’t live long anyway. 😀

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