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  1. Well, this is a good start.
    Hhmmm. President Dennis Kucinich?
    wonder who his V.P. will be?
    Aawww hell, he doesnt need a V.P.
    he might do well doing it alone.

  2. Zooey, he is reading through all his charges and supporting.

    What just happened Willy? Nobody shot him down but nothing is happening.

  3. I’m glad he’s reading it into the record. People need to HEAR it all put together.

    No one moved to table the thing?

  4. According to the rules of the House, they have two days to bring it before the full House after he makes the question of privilege. It could happen at any time between now and Thursday. We have to keep our eyes on Cspan.

  5. Now that takes GUTS! To step so far out on a limb while already investing so much of yourself and your political capital in a presidential bid…wow.

    Having read that information into the record will have an effect in some way.

    Now lets see how many news agencies not only report that he did it, but on what he said.

    That will be the test for anyone making comments on this action. Including the liberal and progressive commentators.

  6. Is there something wrong withTPZoo? I hit HOME and only one posting comes up.. It is being goofy.. Is it just my computer?

  7. Willy, I hate to rain on our parade, but not even TP covered it.

    But, well, maybe you were just a tad quicker on your feet, than them!

  8. We need to come up with some kind of TPZoo TRUE PATRIOT award for valor and courage for this guy. Would make a great post.

  9. Zooey sez:

    The media simply cannot ignore this.

    Watch them. 😦

    I expect a mention on Countdown…nothing more.

  10. You’re probably right, Trip.

    I’ll check the media response when I get home this afternoon, do a post called “Crickets Chirping.”

  11. Zooey sez:

    I missed my damn bus. Or rather, the damn bus came EARLY.

    Blow it off. It’s not important.

    History is happening right now in Congress.

  12. This is quite interesting.

    WASHINGTON, Nov. 5 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Democratic Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich is planning to re-schedule a nationwide conference call to discuss Articles of Impeachment against Vice President Richard B. Cheney after tonight’s planned event encountered technical problems stemming largely from the overwhelming volume of calls from interested citizens.

    The Kucinich campaign apologized for the snafu, explaining that staff had significantly underestimated the number of call-ins, and public
    interest in the issue exceeded technological capacity. The call will be re-scheduled within the next few days.

    Kucinich, author and prime sponsor of the impeachment measure against Cheney, will be introducing a privileged resolution to the House tomorrow (Tuesday) to force a vote on the matter of impeachment.

    Also, using Google News, I found 42 articles from the past 5 hours about this. Including FOX!

    What you aren’t seeing is the TV showing it. But, the 24 hour news media is just that. They are 24 hours BEHIND. SO, don’t expect to see anything about this on TV until tomorrow.

  13. OTOP:
    Check this out:
    And then I heard Mr [Byron] King say, “According to the group’s research, global oil reserves lie near the 1.2 gigabarrel range – a mere 42-year supply at current consumption levels.” Oil supply will drop 7% this year alone. Peak Production is upon us http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Global_Economy/IK03Dj05.html.

    BOTOP; I see they are having now a fifteen minute vote to table this.

    I missed my damn bus. Or rather, the damn bus came EARLY. Grrrr… -Z
    Many ex-Bushies wish they could say that =P

  14. nwmuse sez:

    Steney Hoyer (sp?) made the motion to table. I can’t believe this..

    Steny had threatened as much. When asked to explain, he declared bluntly that “impeachment is not on the agenda”.

    In other words, he’s sided with the enemy.

  15. The complacent complicit Democrats must be voted out right along with the Republicans.

    I have been saying for years and this just proves me right. The DEMOCRATS ARE IN ON IT.

    Keep your powder dry folks.

  16. What a fucking shame that the establishment will never permit this courageous man to lead our nation.

  17. He is saying this now. That this is not a Democratic or Republican issue, it is a Constitutional issue. Defending the Constitution.

  18. We need to let the Democrats know that they will be serving their last terms and to not get real comfortable if it is their first.

    This is disgusting and goes against what their constituents want.

    They are bought and paid for, just like the Republicans.

  19. 115….it fucking brilliant! They are going to get the dems to vote to table, and then switch their votes at the last minute, to bring it to the floor to impeach!

    Then, the Republicans own the impeachment! It’s fucking brilliant.

  20. I don’t understand the logic or motivation.. Is it because Americans want CHeney gone and they (Repubs) will look good in an election year? They take credit?

  21. they are getting the Dems to change their votes from Nay to Yea! watch the numbers! pelosi is working behind the scenes to get the dems to table this resolution! What the Fuck!

  22. 1 hour into a 15 minute vote and it’s staying with the 170 to 242 for the last few minute’s…They had better shut this down and run with it or I’ll be one enraged witch…Blessings

  23. Actually, scratch that. If it makes them do what is best for this country to prevent a war with IRan and any more destruction to the Constitution by Cheney, then I don’t care HOW it happens.

  24. when I watching this earlier Ever single Repub had voted Yea (to table it)! Every single one….

    they baited the dems into voting against impeachment!

    then they suddenly switched!

  25. We don’t have TV. Please keep on with the commentary! And thank you for keeping us informed!

  26. this one was brilliant. The only way to save the Republican Party is to sacrafice this administration! if the Repubs become the party that salvaged the country! Is that bad for Dems? Sure. But remember who brought this forward. And 21 co-sponcers are dems!

  27. I am l ive streaming, but don’t know what they are talking about. What is this parlimentary crap going on?

  28. Willy, I thought they had to debate on the floor and a vote in 2 days! How can they send it somewhere else in order to kill it?

  29. Motion advanced by Steny Hoyer to refer resolution to the Judiciary Committee.


  30. Will be back in a few mins. Going to go vote. My emotions are all over the place. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad. WTF. Dems are sucking right now.

  31. Houer or what ever his name is need’s to go to the wood shed along with F****** Palosi….It’s going into 2 debates of 15 minutes and then more vote’s..Hoyer wanted to just dump it on the comittee and have it go away…The Boner got his crap in there so now we go a wrangeling….Lot’s of noise on the floor..If nothing else we will get to put faces to votes and should proceed to voting out the bad on both sides.

  32. Conyers chairs the Judiciary committee:

    rest of the Dems:

    Hon. Berman
    (D) California, 28th

    Hon. Boucher
    (D) Virginia, 9th

    Hon. Nadler
    (D) New York, 8th

    Hon. Scott
    (D) Virginia, 3rd

    Hon. Watt
    (D) North Carolina, 12th

    Hon. Lofgren
    (D) California, 16th

    Hon. Jackson Lee
    (D) Texas, 18th

    Hon. Waters
    (D) California, 35th

    Hon. Delahunt
    (D) Massachusetts, 10th

    Hon. Wexler
    (D) Florida, 19th

    Hon. Sánchez
    (D) California, 39th

    Hon. Cohen
    (D) Tennessee, 9th

    Hon. Johnson
    (D) Georgia, 4th

    Hon. Sutton
    (D) Ohio, 13th

    Hon. Gutierrez
    (D) Illinois, 4th

    Hon. Sherman
    (D) California, 27

    Hon. Baldwin
    (D) Wisconsin, 2nd

    Hon. Weiner
    (D) New York, 9th

    Hon. Schiff
    (D) California, 29th

    Hon. Davis
    (D) Alabama , 7th

    Hon. Wasserman Schultz
    (D) Florida, 20th

    Hon. Ellison
    (D) Minnesota, 5th

  33. OK, now I get it. THey are saying that the reason the Repubs switched their votes was to be able to debate and embarrass the Dems. That is why Hoyer jumped up and is trying to send it to committee.

  34. From the interview with Kucinich, it seemed that he didn’t expect it to go forward. he was surprized when the motion to table failed.

  35. look at all the ones who are there. This is getting big! The republicans came out of no where with their switching the votes.

    218 to 194….. the previous question is ordered….

    recorded vote is requested…..

    recorded vote is ordered……

    whether or not to send it to Judiciary Committee….

  36. Again, I think the Repubs want to debate because they want to show that Kucinich is a flake and they want to embarrass the DEMS.

  37. A motion to refer..Clearly the rep’s want it to fail so they can bash the Dem’s and the dumb ass dem’s want it to go to the house judicery comittee so they can make it go away…Dump the dem’s, most of them along with the rep’s…

  38. This parlimentary crap is confusing. Let’s get with the issue here. It is good I didn’t go into pol.sci. for my major. lol Makes for edge of your seat c-span, though!

  39. Wow, I wonder if they are thinking if they send it to Judiciary, it will interfere with the other ongoing investgations and the Contempt charges underway..

  40. It seems as if that’s it…although the House is persistently not coming to order…

  41. If they had tabled it, it would have been over….

    now they are going to send it to the House judiciary Committee, but that will get some attention, and it may not die there.

  42. can’t even get the house in order, what a fine example of demonacracy,
    what a fine example. sad.

  43. there you have it; a play by play called by your favorite tin-foil-hat wearing critters, Trip and Willy…thanks for tuning in folks…..

  44. The point is clear, Palosi is a traitor and she will not allow any impeachment..By manipulation with her co-whorts (on purpose) she will not allow impeachment and it will die in comittee….No longer are the rep’s our problem….Every one in the world know’s by not impeaching and holding the evil doer’s accountable like it has been done in the past the democrat’s are doomed to fail this coming election..This appear’s to be what this miserable person want’s and unless we get rid of her and her supporter’s it’s a done deal…Hard to be a peace activest during these bad time’s….Blessings

  45. I will join in but not going to hold my breath….We are fighting evil on all side’s and our own leader’s are just as guilty…Blessing

  46. I think this may stand a chance to make it out of committee! The Republicans want it to reach the floor. And they have imbarassed the Dems.

  47. at 3:18 I wrote “143 dems voted to table it with 143 republicans!”

    every single republican voted to table at that point.

    then “148 dems now verses 134 Republicans have voted to table the resolution….

    can they change their vote?”

    and it started…..

    what a thing to see.

  48. later all. got stuff to do. lets keep the pressure up if we can and put up some stories about this.

    Remember! It’s not dead YET!

    keep your heads up.

    (and your powder dry)

  49. Willy, the only reason the rep’s want it out in the open is to beat up on the dem’s…..Palosi and our own evil doer’s want it to just go away so they can help the rep’s once again..Palosi is not a democrat she is a bush bot…Don’t remember where I read it but past history of similar event’s lost elections for the dem’s..The public is fed up and will wander around untill election time, vote goofie because of poor runner’s and the rep’s will win again…I’m so mad I could kick some butt’s if they got close today. Palosi has, along with her helper’s has put us all in a terrible position…She does not give a shit about any of us or our constitution..I sure was wrong about her…Off to run the Bear and get outta here for awhile…..Blessings all

  50. It was pretty exciting. I just pray they don’t try and shuttle this thing into the garbage while behind closed doors..

  51. The MSM is already spinning it to the ground! there is NOTHING on it on MSN and MSNBC! Nothing!

    CNN has a 4 paragraph story and the headlines read that it was struck down!

    Later they note that it was sent to committee “effectively killing it”

  52. You folks did an amazing job. I watched the beginning and then went to cook dinner and do some cleaning and I missed all the excitement. Thanks for keeping me updated. I find the MSM is a day behing on big news so I wouldn’t be surprised if they talk about this tomorrow. In the old days with newspapers they print up an emergency edition and send out boys to spread the news. Now they have to focus group every issue before they talk about it to make sure they make everybody happy, and by everybody I mean the sponsors. Hopefully there’ll be more tomorrow.

  53. I am really angry at the Democratic party right now – especially Steny Hoyer and Nancy Pelosi. THey should be ashamed. They need to go back and check WHICH Constitution it is that they are protecting and defending.. They seem confused..

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