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Bush disapproval soars to highest level ever recorded in Gallup poll – even topping Nixon!

For almost two years, President Bush has been threatening to unseat Richard M. Nixon as the most unpopular president in the history of the Gallup poll, and it finally happened this week.

The latest USA TODAY/Gallup survey finds Bush with a 31% approval rating — and for the first time ever in the polling history, 50% say they “strongly disapprove” of a president.

The previous high (or low?) was a 48% strong disapproval rating for Nixon at the worst moments of Watergate in 1974.

The telephone survey of 1,024 adults was conducted last Friday through Sunday.

That whacky Pat Robertson threw in his endorsement of Rudy Giuliani today. Yeah, that makes sense… (huh?)

A third torture memo has come out. Nancy Pelosi is now saying that she was never briefed.

Andy Borowitz reports on “Waterboarders Protest Negative Media Stereotypes – Angry Torturers march on Washington“. (Again, its satire)..

A fine piece by Juan Cole at Salon on the relationship between Bush and Musharraf called “Bush and Musharraf’s Grand Illusion“.

Jon Stewart wins the “Wings of Justice” Award from BuzzFlash for being an “unerring B.S. detector”.

A no-nonsense, ‘practically speaking’ post on what could happen if we bomb Iran. This is a blog I happened onto this morning that I had not seen before. Check it out.

From Reuters: Dollar tumbles to all-time lows on China comments:

The dollar tumbled to record lows against the euro on Wednesday after comments by a Chinese official stoked fears the central bank of the world’s fourth largest economy would reduce its holdings of U.S. assets. There’s more..

And to accompany this, the Dow drops 360 points..

There’s an interesting article in USA Today about 15,000 of the swelling “U.S. Terror Watch List”, now with 755,000+ people on it, are trying to get their names removed. (Ridiculous..)

Here’s my rant:

I just want to end this with a question.. Why is it that there is not a HUGE public outcry right – now that it has been established that the Administration ordered the illegal wiretapping on all Americans BEFORE 9/11 (at least Feb. 27, 2001)? Has it not sunk in yet just what that means? I said BEFORE 9/11. Why is Congress silent?

They have just folded over for this rogue ‘unitary’ president (and co-president), and they appear to be now just be going through the motions of leadership. I am in a constant state of stunned disbelief with each days’ new revelations. Especially as I watch this president attempting now to muscle Congress into giving the giant telecom companies retro-immunity for breaking the laws on a MASSIVE scale on his behalf.. Bush is covering his ass and Congress is preparing to oblige him. I feel like I am wandering around walking in nightmare.

Some links on that – HERE, and HERE, and HERE and HERE.

Now for the Blues (Brothers, that is..)

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10 thoughts on “News, Views, and Blues – by Muse

  1. Muse, the site looks fantastic today. Sorry I’ve been absolutely worthless today — the paper is coming along well. Off to the Math Lab…

  2. Thanks. I am glad you are almost to the end of the road here, and its going well. It cracks me up every time you write you are going to the ‘math’ lab, it always looks like something else..;-)

  3. About your rant:

    People don’t care. Congress don’t care and won’t care until some issues can win it some electoral advantages.

  4. I know and it is so depressing. But, I am not ready to quiet trying or hoping that it can change. I guess that would be the thing driving all this typing..

  5. Jen, let me tell you an anecdote.

    In 2001, Argentina suffered one of its frequent economic crises. The country went on bankrupcy, literally. IMF refused to extend its loans meanwhile private companies that controlled and keep controlling the important industries took their money away. -It is frequently said that there is nothing more coward than a million bucks. They just fly at the slighlest tremble-.

    So, middle class went nuts because it wasn’t allowed to take their money, because there was no money, because the big guys had taken it all, so there was a social crash and massive protests stormed the country. Even the Congress was burned.

    My father has a friend that, not so jokingly told us: what people should do is to take out a member of the govt into the streets and dismember him. That will show the others to stop fucking with people.

    Of course, it is an extreme that perhaps only in African countries still happens whereas the French did it with the guillotine.

    In Argentina, people were dying of hunger, they were eating rats and cats in order to survive, they were being fed with thrown food from trucks like they were animals in the zoo, people destroyed banks and big grocery stores…and all because Argentina had to follow the orders of WorldBank and IMF.

    We keep this trail and we can expect rage.

  6. Thanks Juan for telling me that.
    What I am thinking isn’t that extreme (as dismembering). Nobody will read it anyway.., but I will write it regardless.

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