Yet another legal defense fund..

Alberto Gonzales establishes legal defense fund (via: Crooks and Liars).

Most Attorneys General, upon stepping down, move to private-sector legal work. Some take on faculty positions at respected law schools. And then there’s Alberto Gonzales, arguably the worst Attorney General in U.S. history.

Since resigning in disgrace, Gonzales has retained a high-powered DC criminal-defense lawyer to represent him. Given that the U.S. Inspector General may recommend criminal charges against Gonzales, it was probably a good move.

There are a number of others in recent months who have also started ‘legal defense funds’:

Bernie Kerik
Rep. Tom Feeney
I. Lewis ‘Scooter’ Libby
Rep. John Doolittle
Rep. Randy ‘Duke’ Cunningham
Rep. Bob Ney
Rep. Tom DeLay

And yes, I know, Bill and Hillary Clinton did it too..

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Hello From Europe – 430 Days to Go

Castelluccio – Italy 

The Guantanamo Bay Camp Delta Standard Operating Procedures have been leaked to the press. The link leads you to the complete manual (pdf-document). The procedures are chillingly specific down to such details as to who is getting a small soap bar, who is entitled to a standard soap bar, or how a muslim burial site is structured. The volume of the guards’ tv sets and the phrasing of themes to cover media interest. Of course access of the icrc is restricted or even impossible for some detainees.

Southern company, which has helped George W. Bush to become sworn in as President and contributed $ 217’047 to his campaign and $ 6.2m for Republican campaigns since 1990 is named one of the world’s greatest polluters.

A single Southern Company plant in Juliette, Georgia already emits more carbon dioxide annually that Brazil’s entire power sector. The company is in the top two of America’s dirtiest utility polluters and sixth worst in the world.

The IAEA report on Iran is in. While Iran asks the West to apologize, some take it as proof that Iran will be able to build the bomb within a year. However, China will not participate in stepping up sanctions, The US, France, Britain and possibly Germany will have to go it alone.

 Bronwen Maddox, Chief Foreign Commentator of The Times, said that the cancellation would make it more likely that a group of Western nations, likely to be the US, Britain, France and possibly Germany, would push ahead to develop unilateral sanctions against President Ahmadinejad’s regime, and give up on the UN route.

This makes it improbable for the US to reach any UN legitimation for a possible attack on Iran.

When it comes to hold on to the death penalty, the United States are in full agreement with rogue states like Syria and Iran. Strange bedfellows, indeed.

And finally: First class passengers on the new Airbus 380 are provided with all luxury, even a double bed. Applicants for the Mile-High-Club are asked to restrain from their inauguration rites, however. In smaller airplanes such activities may lead to an unscheduled stopover, and in an interview with Stephen Colbert the topic is best avoided or will lead to certain embarassment.

 This is “Europeanview’s” take of the world today. You all stay safe and take care!

If it walks like a duck (goose)..

On our drive home from work yesterday, we probably sat in our car for 15 minutes waiting for a bazillion ducks geese to slowly (and calmly) waddle across the street to the other side. Cars were backed up, both lanes, and it was rush hour. It happens daily. It is an amazing thing to watch. Once they start to cross, they just keep coming, a few at a time, all in a row, in a steady stream.. And, the cars patiently wait.

These photos don’t really give the scope of just how many birds geese I am talking about.. Sean just happened to have his camera with him. (Thanks Gummitch..)

Photos by Sean

Friday News, Views, and Blues

Barry Bonds charged with steroids lies.
Will Bush Commute Barry Bonds’ Potential Prison Sentence? (via: ThinkProgress)

Pakistan frees Bhutto.

Why Is this Man Still Serving as State Dept. Inspector General? (via: The Brad Blog)

The Democratic “Debate” in Las Vegas (in case you missed it). Thanks Manila Ryce and The Largest Minority. According to Manila, best line of the debate (and I agree) was when Dennis Kucinich, in response to a questions about The Patriot Act:

Kucinich lands a devastating blow to all the candidates on stage who voted for the Patriot Act and every other shitty decision they’ve made in the past. Best line ever: “That’s because I read it.” Hell yeah.

The entire debate, from the first question, was a total sham, charade, whatever adjective you want to apply here. It was a joke. It was framed in a way to prop up Hillary Clinton and marginalize everyone else – especially Dennis Kucinich. It seemed that CNN even went as far as to turn off Kucinich’s microphone in order to prevent him from being heard. Last night I finally made the decision to never watch CNN again. That is saying a lot for me. I have watched CNN for years – daily. I gave them far too much credit. That has now changed.

Thanks to Manila Ryce for doing such a wonderful job of summarizing the entire debate with a series of video highlights. Great job!
More on the debates (blow by blow and their take) from Firedoglake. And, of course, our own live blogging at The Zoo!

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U.K. police taser man in diabetic coma…TWICE.

That’s right. The U.K. police tasered a coma victim. Not just once, but twice.

From the BBC News:

A man who had gone into a diabetic coma on a bus in Leeds was shot twice with a Taser gun by police who feared he may have been a security threat.

Nicholas Gaubert has described how the incident happened in July 2005, just a week before the fatal shooting of Brazilian man Jean Charles de Menezes.

Mr Gaubert, 34, said he was suffering severe post-traumatic stress as a result of the shooting.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) is investigating.

Mr Gaubert, who lives in Leeds, said he had now decided to speak out after the Crown Prosecution Service ruled no officers involved should be charged with any criminal offences.

So…the U.K. police taser a man in a coma…twice, and subsequently get off scot free. Nice.

The taser was originally intended as a tool of law enforcement, to safely subdue uncooperative and violent criminals, with minimal risk to both the suspect and the arresting officers. But in the hands of the New World Order, the taser has become a weapon of terror and intimidation, which the jackboots can use at will without fear of any repercussions or consequences.

Looks like it’s time to invest in some taser-proof gear. What every well-dressed dissident-about-town needs!

Brooklyn reporter forcibly ejected from Giuliani’s presence after asking 9/11 related question.

Raw Story has a rather disturbing story about Sander Hicks, a Brooklyn reporter who asked Giuliani how he gained his foreknowledge of the WTC collapse. Instead of receiving an answer, he found himself immediately dragged off by two police officers in a “submission hold”. From the article:

“Mr. Giuliani, six years ago you told Peter Jennings that ‘we were told that the World Trade Center was going to collapse,'” Hicks said, quoting a remark from the former New York City mayor made during an interview with ABC News. “Where did you get your foreknowledge that the World Trade Center was going to collapse?”

A laughing Giuliani quickly brushed past Hicks according to a video recording of the campaign stop, ignoring the question as he continued to work his way around an informal circle of supporters and press. But Hicks was not ignored by the Loveland Police Department. Two officers immediately took hold of his arms and hauled him into an adjacent parking lot.

“The police were aggressive,” Hicks said in an interview with RAW STORY. “There’s no need for that. I was there as a professional reporter.”

After being led away by officers in what he describes as a “submission hold,” Hicks identified himself to authorities and said he was just trying to ask Giuliani a question.

“I’m a member of the media. I’m a publisher and editor-in-chief of the New York Megaphone,” he told police, citing a newspaper he runs which claims a readership of more than 60,000. “I’m the only New York reporter here.”

After denying officers’ assertions that he had pushed people in the crowd, he told authorities that they were violating his right to speak. “What you did was illegal,” Hicks said. “What you did was a violation of my fucking Bill of Rights.”

Read the whole story here.

You see, Rudy is one of the central figures in the pantheon of the official 9/11 mythology, and questioning the dogma is simply not tolerated.

Rudy’s BFF.. What a guy.. (What a low life..)

So, just WHO is this Bernie Kerik?  (according to Wikipedia)

This reads like a cheap trash novel.. And if you are still hungry for more? Read “Imperial Life in the Emerald City” by Rajiv Chandrasekaran. He includes 8 pages of what Kerik had to offer during his short stint in the Green Zone. It also offers insights into the earlier career and life of Kerik.

What an interesting character.. And this is who Bush wanted to be our Director of Homeland Security?

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