Fox Iowa GOP Debate Cancelled after Romney Refuses to Participate

First Fox orders a blanket ban of Republicans using clips of previous debates for ad campaigns.  Both Romney and McCain had used these clips and were told to stop.Read More Then this week we learn of the new charges by Judith Regan that Fox tried to cover for Rudy by telling her not to expose the facts on Bernard Kerik. It appears that even the Republicans are unhappy with Fox’s preferential treatment towards Rudy Guiliani.
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Turkey sandwiches for you..

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Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.), in a showdown with the White House over executive branch nominations, refused yesterday to formally adjourn the chamber for a planned two-week Thanksgiving break in order to thwart President Bush’s ability to make recess appointments.Rather than allowing the Senate to take a full break, Reid employed a rarely used parliamentary tactic by scheduling “pro forma” sessions twice a week until early December, when Congress returns for three weeks of work. Under that plan, a few senators, perhaps just one Democrat and one Republican, will briefly open the chamber for debate during the next two weeks.

The move blocks Bush’s ability to make recess appointments, which would allow his choices to serve out the remainder of Bush’s term.

Perhaps there are finally some spines a’growing.. Better late than never.
I smell turkey sandwiches..

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Share Your Thanksgiving Traditions and Favorite Foods.


Several of us at the Zoo thought it would be fun to learn about our friends’ favorite Thanksgiving foods and traditions.

  • What foods do you most look forward to at Thanksgiving?
  • Is there a game you always play?
  • Does everyone just sleep in front of the football games?
  • What’s the one thing which, if it just wasn’t there, it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving?

Hey, if you’ve got ’em, cough up the recipes. 😉

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What happens in Vegas..

Of the precious few minutes Dennis Kucinich was actually given an opportunity to speak at the Democratic Debate in Las Vegas, when his microphone was not turned off, he managed to say what needed saying.

The following video is from CNN’s DEMOCRATIC DEBATE LAS VEGAS, broadcast on November 15, 2007. (H/T: Raw Story)

Dennis Kucinich on the Patriot Act and impeachment:

“You’ve seen here tonight people who voted for the war, voted to the fund the war, now they have a different position,” said Kucinich. “People who voted for the Patriot Act, now they have a different position…just imagine what it will be like to have a President of the United States who is right the first time.”

He repeated his previous calls for the impeachment of the president and vice president. “It’s called impeachment,” he said. “And you don’t wait. You do it now.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here is the breakdown of how many minutes each candidate was given to speak (via: Dennis4President):

Biden -9:15

Clinton – 15:55

Dodd – 7:10

Edwards – 10:43

Kucinich – 5:37

Obama – 18:09

Richardson – 14:06

Blitzer – 14:53

The numbers speak for themselves.

Did CNN’s Debate Seem a Little “Pro-Hillary” to You? You Aren’t Crazy, it Was.

by willyloman

TheZoo did some great live blogging during the debate, here. During which, we quickly came to the conclusion that the overall jist of the thing seemed more like a Clinton campaign staff meeting on spinning the debacle of her last outing. We were not alone in that assessment.

It turns out that all the questions from the independent voters, in the last hour of the debate, had been previously approved and selected by CNN. CNN staffers had these people submit a variety of questions on varying topics, prior to the debate, and then CNN writers selected which ones they would allow to be asked. Story, here, at The Atlantic.

The best and most shining example was the young girl, who’s question about Hillary liking ‘diamonds or pearls” wrapped up the national coverage. She had also submitted a question about the future of the Yucca Mountain Facility, but apparently that one didn’t make the cut.

So every single question, for the entire night, was carefully selected or scripted by CNN. But it gets MUCH worse.

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