One thought on “Doing His Best to Prevent Peace in the Middle East. Quack.

  1. There was an interesting post on “The Largest Minority” on the “peace talks” this morning. He has video(s) from Democracy Now with Amy Goodman. Manila Ryce says this:

    “Here’s a short report from Democracy Now! on the so-called “peace talks” in Annapolis, which begin today, and why they will fail to bring any peace. As always, the legitimate government of Hamas is excluded. Additionally, Amy Goodman reports that Gaza, illegal Jewish settlements, borders, the apartheid wall, Jerusalem, and the right of return for Palestinian refugees will not be on the agenda. So what is there left to talk about between Middle East leaders if not to resolve these specific issues? Well, it looks as though the very goal of the “peace talks” is to gain support for a war against Iran, and not to bring peace to anybody.”

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