4 thoughts on “Ah..ah..aahhh…tchooo!! Cough.. cough.. sputter.. sputter…

  1. Uh, prezident dumbshat, sir? You have to turn the vacuum cleaner on. Yes, and it has to be plugged in. To an electrical outlet. No, not there, the thing in the wall. No, not the duster in your hand, oh fuck, never mind.

  2. My Economist this week has the Chimp on the front cover: “Mr Palestine – The Only Man who could make it happen”. I snorted my tea over myself….

    They did get one thing right, this hot air shop in Annapolis is just for poseurs like Condi and Chimpy or for Chimpy’s agenda to isolate Iran. He doesn’t give a f*** about Palestinians – they are in the way of Jesus’ Second Coming.

  3. Terry, the take I got from this Annapolis photo op, was that they weren’t interested in discussing any of the issues that stand in the way of Israel and Palestinians coming to any sort of an agreement, all of the 5 top issues that are points of contention between the two were off the table. I read the point was to garner support of all the countries in the region in going after Iran.

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