38 thoughts on “Friday Geology Blogging

  1. Fine, thanks for helping out. 😀 I don’t mind at all. I watched Mystic River right now and was glued to the tv. Good film.

  2. Seeing as the pic was taken @ the Snake River (Canyon)…

    Anyone else hear that Evel Knieval died today? Remember when they showed that stuff live? Yikes.

  3. In the years after the Caesar’s crash, the fee for Evel’s performances increased to $1 million for his jump over 13 buses at Wembley Stadium in London – the crash landing broke his pelvis – to more than $6 million for the Sept. 8, 1974, attempt to clear the Snake River Canyon in Idaho in a rocket-powered “Skycycle.” The money came from ticket sales, paid sponsors and ABC’s “Wide World of Sports.”…..

  4. wow… that scenery sure beats corn and bean fields… which are gone now anyway… central illinois in winter is very drab…

    f.y.i. … listening to the XM repeat of thom hartmann… he took a telephone straw poll today –
    if voting in dem primary today, who would you vote for… in a 10 or so minute segment, the results:
    EDWARDS – 36
    KUCINICH – 32
    CLINTON – 7
    OBAMA – 7
    GORE – 3

    i know the answer, but it “begs the question” –
    who are the pollers talking to that put hillary first?

    and who is rev. ron???

  5. Snow?

    Loved it as a kid. Still love the beauty.
    However, now I have to drive and shovel, so snow is not “snow” great.

  6. I know…!
    What’s with that?

    Wish I could travel back to the day Dr. Dick asked me for sushi.
    I’d tell him to, well, you know.

  7. trueblue, I stole your song and put up a post dedicated to nwmuse because she had just that kind of “mother” day. It’s hillarious, hopefully everybody will see it this way.

  8. Thanks Katy I’d be thrilled with either Kucinich or Edwards. I heard part of a kick-ass speech Kucinich gave today from Virginia I think. If everybody could hear it he’d win the election.

  9. Shayne, any way to get the speech out, video, print what ever?…

    Am I the only person that is thinking all the lengthy political process is a total drag….Going on to long..Next did your part of the world put all their christmas stuff out the 20th of October….I’m weary of all this..Use to be we got Thanksgiving and then Christmas….Not this year, fast forward straight to the sale’s pitche’s and all the old holiday movies…Ho Hum, sorry…..Blessings

  10. Hi, Witch. Feeling better?

    The holidays sap my strength these days. I was seeing Christmas crap in the stores before Halloween. The whole thing disgusts me.

    Glad you like the picture. Everything around here is basalt. I love it.

  11. dbadass,

    This area of Idaho and surrounding states is one of the largest flood basalt plains in the world. Only India has a larger plain. Not sure about the ocean crust thing, but I don’t think so…

  12. looking for the kucinich speech… no luck…
    i think randi spoke of it, and so looked at her site…
    i did find this:
    Mike Gravel’s Power To The People v Give Peace A Chance video! Very Cool!

    have been watching the teevee also…
    LOVED the very end of keith tonight…
    he ended it perfectly…

  13. this may be it, but i’m too tired to check out the links (the “internet” one if “off air” right now):

    November 29, 2007, 8:16 am
    Kucinich Holds Alternate Forum
    By Ariel Alexovich

    Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich had a stage all to himself last night as he broadcast a Manchester, N.H., town hall meeting live at the same time the G.O.P. candidates were competing for the spotlight in Florida.

    The congressman from Ohio focused on the theme “Defending the Constitution” during the 90-minute event on New Hampshire public access television and the Internet.

    “If you give me your vote, I’ll give you your country back,” he said.


    g’nite all…

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