The Effort to Change California Election Law, Through an Initiative, to Help the GOP

Why Democrats Should Not Only Fight It, But Also Push For a National Popular Vote Plan
by John W. Dean
via: Common Dreams

Soon we will learn whether a few desperate but very well-funded Republicans have succeeded in collecting the necessary 434,000 valid signatures to go directly to California voters on a ballot initiative to change the election laws. If the initiative were to succeed, it could significantly help elect a GOP presidential candidate in 2008.

With a tone of considerable loathing, The American Conservative magazine – a very Republican magazine — describes this “California Schemin’” as a gimmick, arising out of a loser mentality, “to change California from a state that awards its electoral votes on a winner-take-all basis to one that hands them out proportionately.” Simply stated, the magazine notes, the goal of this effort is “to scrape up another 20 electoral votes” for the next Republican presidential candidate.

Most of the media attention has focused on the money behind this effort, which has been laundered through a dummy corporation in Missouri – and believed to come from Rudy Giuliani backers – along with the failed early efforts toward the same goal. But by late October 2007, more money and more professional help had arrived to rescue the effort. According to reports in the Los Angeles Times, it appears that they will reach their goal, and today, November 30, 2007, they will meet their deadline.

I expect the initiative organizers to announce their success soon. Of course, official confirmation of the signatures will take a bit longer, but we should all fully expect this to be on California’s ballot this coming summer. The organizers, according to the New York Times, are suggesting June as “a realistic goal for a statewide vote” on their proposal.

Will this measure succeed? Maybe, but either way, it appears this nasty drill is a no-lose undertaking for Republicans. Let me explain why, and what Democrats and others might do about it.

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Jon Ponder of Pensito Review has more on this:

California GOP Faces Debt, Layoffs, While Rudy Backers Pour Money into Initiative That Could Hand Him the Presidency

Fundraising is down dramatically nationwide for the Republican Party, but things are especially bad here in California, where the state GOP is in such dire straits that its ability to compete in both state and federal races could be affected.

But while the state party is cutting programs and considering layoffs, hundreds of thousands of dollars are flowing in from out-of-state fatcat supporters of Rudy Giuliani — funds the state GOP can’t touch because they are earmarked specifically to promote a ballot initiative that would, if passed, give Rudy 20 or so of the state’s 55 Electoral College Votes, even if he loses the state to the Democratic candidate.

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This all seems to be sliding under the radar. I would imagine this has something to do with Rudy’s cocky, over-confident grin… like he is already measuring the oval office for his desk and curtains…

It sure seems to me that this election is being bought and paid for by those who would benefit the most, changing the rules to put the odds in their favor. Corporate America. They are hedging their bets, tipping the odds in their favor. They are insuring this money train keeps on rolling, rolling, rolling…

1 thought on “The Effort to Change California Election Law, Through an Initiative, to Help the GOP

  1. This problem will ONLY be solved by the abolition of the Electoral College system. Since that would require a constitutional amendment, what can be done in the meantime, we need to have a national discussion on the subject, and we need there to be an agreement that if a Constitutional amendment is going to be offered for ratification, that no state proceed with changing their electoral vote apportionment. Most amendments lately have been 0ffered with a time limit for ratification. If the amendment is ratified, the issue is settled. If not, then there should be at least a two-year delay before any such changes get implemented. This is vital. What they are trying to do in California is affect the election this year. While I hate the strategy the parties employ now of concentrating on a few key states (to the detriment of the voters int he other states), a change like this late in the game could have an adverse affect on the entire process, not just the Democrats’ chances of winning the election.

    Abolishing the Electoral College wil bring real value to the peoples’ votes. Since some states do not require their electors to follow the vote of their state, it is truly undemocratic. The vote of the people can legally mean nothing.

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