Who’s Crazy?

Questions for the day.

Where’s the beef?

China has refused to recall the 70 million Turkey Terrorists they sent to the US to poison us.  President Bush has ordered an attack on Ankara as retaliation.

Who’s got the gold?

As I postulated a few days ago, scientists at Duke University have been messing with our genes.  They have discovered a “pot” of genes filled with real gold or fool’s gold.  We all know which pot DUHbya has been dipped into.

Where’s the fire?

This little video gives quite a picture of the evolution of the last fifty years.  It is a must see but may be new stuff for some of you young’uns.

4 thoughts on “Who’s Crazy?

  1. Well, if you want to consider silenced genes, consider my granddaughter. On her mother’s side all ancestors are Native American (Hopi) and on her father’s side as southern Italian as you can get. Her DNA map says that the genes for brown eyes and dark hair are there. Both are supposed to be dominent. Skin tones have yet to be mapped with total accuracy. The granddaughter is blond, fair skinned and blue-eyed.
    Daughter-in-law’s father ordered the DNA map because he thought there had to be a mixup at the hospital. She and my son seemed to really show out at their last family reunion.

  2. Walt,

    All in jest, My Friend. Just proving that Granny may be very perceptive.

    Just proves my point about the “Survival of the Fittest” and also that two wrongs can make a right. I had another thought about the hospital making a mistake but as Emeril is wont to proclaim: “I’m not going there.”

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