Another Outsourced Job – Texan of the Year

The Dallas Morning News has decided that their 2007 Texan of the Year is (drumroll, please) The Illegal Immigrant.!

We can’t seem to live with him and his family, and if we can live without him, nobody’s figured out how. He’s the Illegal Immigrant, and he’s the 2007 Dallas Morning News Texan of the Year – for better or for worse.

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Iraq’s Deadliest Year

Another flagged draped coffin returns. According to the Associated Press, 2007 has been the deadliest year in Iraq for the US military.

BAGHDAD – The second half of 2007 saw violence drop dramatically in Iraq, but the progress came at a high price: The year was the deadliest for the U.S. military since the 2003 invasion, with 899 troops killed.

American commanders and diplomats, however, say the battlefield gains against insurgents such as al-Qaida in Iraq offer only a partial picture of where the country stands as the war moves toward its five-year mark in March.

Two critical shifts that boosted U.S.-led forces in 2007 — a self-imposed cease-fire by a main Shiite militia and a grassroots Sunni revolt against extremists — could still unravel unless serious unity efforts are made by the Iraqi government.

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Happy New Year – Dinner for One

“Europeanview” wishes you all a very happy, healthy, successful and peaceful New Year! It is going to be a really eventful year by all means with the US Presidential Elections coming up, which I hope and trust will bring the beginning of a change for the better.

But let’s not worry today. Silvester’s for partying and “same procedure as every year” we’ll ring in the festivities with “Dinner for One”.

See you all Next Year!

Sunday night vocals

Almost painfully beautiful version of this song, written by Ray Charles. Emmylou is joined by the Hot Band, who supported her for years. I had the privilege of seeing them together several times, including the chance to sit in the Old Waldorf with my hip literally pressed against the stage and Emmylou within reach. I restrained myself, but it was difficult.