Bush Lies Continually…

From ThinkProgress:

On Tuesday, President Bush said he was never forewarned by the intelligence community that Iran had suspended its nuclear weapons program in 2003:

In August, I think it was John — Mike McConnell came in and said, We have some new information. He didn’t tell me what the information was.

Now the White House is revealing that wasn’t true. In fact, Bush did know what the information was. CNN reports:

President Bush was told in August that Iran’s nuclear weapons program ‘may be suspended,’ the White House said Wednesday, which seemingly contradicts the account of the meeting given by Bush Tuesday.”

The White House statement released by Dana Perino tonight also states McConnell told Bush “the new information might cause the intelligence community to change its assessment of Iran’s covert nuclear program.”

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Imagine that…


11 thoughts on “Bush Lies Continually…

  1. Haven’t been watching the So-called -librul-media today, has the Chimp been scooting with a free pass again?

    Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, I’m Wolf Blitzer.

  2. So the right wing smear machine labels Clinton (deservedly, I admit) as “Slick Willy”, while Shrub and his badministration make Clinton look like a saint. Clinton’s weaseling was creepy, but the Shrub’s is treasonous of the worst order.

  3. This is just one more thing that should make people ask themselves: “Are these people really that incompetent, or are they really that evil?” If we can get enough people to start openly asking that question, those of us who know the answer (no, they’re not really that incompetent) can begin to show them the proof of the answer, and the common sense conclusion the evidence shows. Everything they are doing is going according to plan.

  4. Re-read 1984.

    These lies are an absolute necessity to keep Party Loyalists in that constant state of cognitive insanity.

    Because of their blind faith in Bush, they must constantly realign their reality to adopt and adapt to each new lie and consciously forget the previously held “truth” all the while conscious of the act of forgetting even the act of forgetting. It is living in an induced state of denial, and, with each newly adopted lie, the internal mechanisms of the brain give off endomorphs – thus this delusional state creates a sense of euphoria, which enhances the belief in the lie.

    They really don’t care that we see through their lies. They have literally millions of followers whose mental state would permit them to commit mass murders if necessary to protect the lie.

  5. Well said BnF.

    I’m reading right now about the pre-quagmire disinformation campaign within the administration over the forged Niger yellowcake documents and the dubious Curveball intelligence in Ungers Fall of the House of Bush. It’s frightening how history almost seems to be repeating itself with Iran.

  6. Keeping people afraid is good for making sure they keep the daddy figures in control. Funny during Clintons admin, we had a couple of small flare ups, but no full scale war. A period of peace and prosperity. Bush gets into office we are attacked, and go to war so fast it makes your head spin.

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