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Who saw a Puddy Tat?

Just as we thought Italy was emerging from the midst of the Third World Countries their Courts bust our bubble by emulating our Congress.  The Italian Courts will get as much response from Tweety Bird and Mickey Mouse as Senator Leahy will get from KKKarl and JJJosh.


4 thoughts on “Question for the Day

  1. At least the Italian Courts are creative. Can’t say the same thing about all the repeat BS that goes in Washington DC. Everything Congress and boy Bush does is predictable and corrupt. Did you notice the “Breaking News” headline on the MSNBC page? Bush says Iran has some explaining to do. That’s out and out transference. It’s Bush that has some explaining to do to the American people and the rest of the world for all his lies and saber rattling.

  2. somebody do me a favor, please:

    i’m on my daughter’s computer, can’t remember my password to log in at thinkprogress…

    i’d like to pass along this message to hintler, on the FAST thread, re: “You must still feel very vulnerable to the “values” factor.”:

    “Values” is a codeword for “prejudices!”

    Comment by Doc Rock — December 1, 2007


    mid-20s in chicago today… still, about to venture out and roam the downtown stores soon…
    g’day all!

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