Question for the Day

How’d she do that?

Fort Mojave, AZ—Acting on an anonymous tip the Mohave County Sheriff’s SWAT team raided a residence in this small community expecting to find a meth lab. What they discovered was an ELF lab. It seems the residence housed a clandestine toy factory operated under contract for Santa.

With nothing noteworthy in the news I thought I would brag on Granny a bit. I did the page for you Zoo Critters but Granny liked it and wanted it on her part of my site. I had to change the name from Elf Lab and add the last line, which you may ignore.


2 thoughts on “Question for the Day

  1. That’s interesting. Never knew how dolls were made. They certainly are beautiful.

  2. CDwF,

    I am glad you enjoyed the tour. Actually I just primarily outlined the manufacturing process. The Artistic magic part belongs solely to Granny. It must be a natural talent that can’t be taught or learned. She has taught for years but none of her students have been able to cross the line from doll maker to doll artist. In the early 90’s she started entering competitions. Every one of her entries took Best of Show (Professional) except when she entered two and then they came in 1/2. She won Professional Doll Artist of the Year in the US in 1995 and in 1996 won a World Wide competition. She doesn’t compete anymore as we are too busy. The dolls in the pictures are part of the order from our Alaskan Gallery. To get to our home site just delete the “/dollmaking.html” and hit “Go.”

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