They don’t give up easily

The NIE says the nuclear program is suspended for almost four years now. So let’s go for another scenario?

The commander of U.S. naval forces in the Gulf region called Iranian threats over the Strait “coercive” and said any attempt to close the Strait by placing mines in international waters could be considered an act of war.

“It’s intended to intimidate not only the regional nations – ‘look at us we can damage your prosperity’ – but it’s intended to intimidate the global market,” Vice Adm. Kevin Cosgriff said on Friday of threats from Iranian military officials to close the strait.

“We intend to keep it open,” he said.

So blow up a tanker and off we go?

3 thoughts on “They don’t give up easily

  1. All of this make’s me so weary….It seem’s every time one little door is closed this bunch of warmonger’s (our’s) open all the window’s and shove cannon’s out of every port…Gates is another little bush bot and all these navy guy’s on the sea watch are just itching to get their tin can’s in the mix….Christ I am sick of it all…..Blessings

  2. What possible gain would Iran realize from mining the Strait of Hormuz?

    Here’s a map of Iran:

    Mining the Strait of Hormuz would cut off Iran’s main port of Bushehr and it’s main naval port of Bandar Abbas, thus forcing all international trade outside of the Gulf to much smaller and far more remote ports at Jask and Chabahar. It’d destroy the lucrative tourism industry in Kish island. It’d ruin trading relations with any Gulf Arab states. It’d thoroughly alienate Iran from the rest of OPEC.

    I fail to see what Iran could possibly gain from mining Hormuz.

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