How can they get away with it, again?

I have been asked many times, why I bothered to concentrate on US politics so much. I am not a citizen, I won’t be voting, my postings won’t change a thing. Shouldn’t I try to concentrate on issues over here? I asked myself the same repeatedly.

Apart from  the fact, that I am not a citzen of the country I live in and won’t be able to vote here either, I am convinced, that a large part of our future will continue to be shaped by US politics. Even more so, because we are facing global problems, that can’t and won’t be solved without the support of a great and powerful nation like yours. And time is running short.

I have monitored the Bali conference, applauded Al Gore’s speech and was hopeful, when it started to look as if Europeans first and foremost, but many third world countries, too were about to stop using conferences like the Bali conference as windowdressing and started to push for mandatory reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

And it looks like there will be a climate deal after all.

The agreement, which lays the foundation for a new worldwide treaty to regulate greenhouse gas emissions, was expected to be finalised tonight. The breakthrough comes after two weeks of torturous discussions, insults, arguments, threatened boycotts and trade sanctions, as countries fought over who should take responsibility for major cuts in carbon pollution.

A closer look at the “deal” is very disappointing, however. They caved in to the US oppositon – again. The mandatory reduction is reduced to a footnote. Or, as “The Guardian” reports:

In a move that was widely expected, Europe was reported tonight to have dropped its demands for a 25%-40% cut on 1990 levels by 2020, a proposal that was bitterly opposed by the US.

I’m tired of it and disgusted.

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