Chris Dodd says thanks for the support

Listening to Thom Hartmann in my car this morning, Senator Chris Dodd came on and thanked all the listeners for all the amazing support he had received over the actions he took in fighting against retroactive immunity contained in the FISA bill. He said on the radio that as of this morning, he had received over 600,000 emails in the last several days. He wished to express his gratitude to everyone who cared so deeply about this issue, and that they took the time to write in support of what he was doing.

In this video, Chris Dodd thanks the netroots for their support and congratulates his colleagues for their help in the fight against retroactive immunity.


2 thoughts on “Chris Dodd says thanks for the support

  1. I have a lot of respect for Chris Dodd. He is intelligent and demonstrated courage in the Senate by fighting against retroactive immunity. Clinton and Obama were too busy campaigning to join in on this fight. It’s a damn shame that the media will choose our next president. My prediction, which is worth as much as Zooey’s paycheck, for the Democratic ticket is: Obama, President; Chris Dodd, Vice President and Bill Richardson, Secretary of State.

    Thanks, Chris Dodd for showing us you really do care.

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