10 thoughts on ““The Ballbreaker Suite”

  1. It’s a funny movie, Coffins. One of a few early Bill Murray films I can stomach.

    I think I have it on DVD – I always have to ask MiniBlue these days!

  2. yeah – is that his real brother? There is a close resemblance. Actually, I always liked Bill Murray. My favorite Bill Murray movie is “What about Bob?”.

  3. Yep, that’s him. (Joel)

    I *think* he’s behind “Rocko’s Modern Life”, one of the funnier cartoons MiniBlue watched as a kid.

    He also employed Brian Doyle Murray in that movie. (his Dad)

  4. Bill Murray and Brian Doyle Murray have made a number of movies together – “Caddyshack”, “The Razor’s Edge”, “Scrooged”, “Ghostbusters 2”, and “Groundhog Day” (my favorite)!

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