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Its Christmas Eve and there’s snow in our forecast! We haven’t had snow on Christmas Day in a very long time here. Whatever your plans this holiday season, I hope you stay safe, warm, healthy, and that time spent with family and friends is filled with joy.

Now on to what’s happening out there..

As far as I’m concerned, the wildest story I read this morning is that President Bush plans to spend a lot of time in 2008 traveling around the world spreading ‘goodwill’. Yikes!! Can’t somebody hide his passport, or lose his luggage.. Tear up his tickets..? Hasn’t he done enough damage already?

In the Sunday Times Online, Andrew Sullivan wrote an opinion piece called “The torture tape fingering Bush as a war criminal“.

The administration has admitted that several prisoners have been killed in interrogation, and dozens more have died in the secret network of interrogation sites the US has set up across the world. The policy of rendition has sent countless suspects into torture cells in Uzbekistan, Egypt, Jordan and elsewhere to feed the West’s intelligence on jihadist terrorism.

But this case is more ominous for the administration because it presents a core example of what seems to be a cover-up, obstruction of justice and a direct connection between torture and the president, the vice-president and their closest aides.

It’s a potential Watergate. But this time the crime is not a two-bit domestic burglary. It’s a war crime that reaches into the very heart of the Oval Office.

Where DID Santa’s red and white robes come from anyway?

Naomi Klein writes of the Shock Doctrine taking place in New Orleans. She writes this now in response to the showdown taking place in New Orleans over public housing. I am partway through this book, and if you haven’t read it yet, go find yourself a copy. Everyone should read it.

The final showdown over New Orleans public housing is playing out in dramatic fashion right now. The conflict is a classic example of the “triple shock” formula at the core of the doctrine.

  • First came the shock of the original disaster: the flood and the traumatic evacuation.
  • Next came the “economic shock therapy”: using the window of opportunity opened up by the first shock to push through a rapid-fire attack on the city’s public services and spaces, most notably it’s homes, schools and hospitals.
  • Now we see that as residents of New Orleans try to resist these attacks, they are being met with a third shock: the shock of the police baton and the Taser gun, used on the bodies of protestors outside New Orleans City Hall yesterday.

GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul uses the “F” word.. Fascism.

White House hopeful Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) said Sunday that the U.S. is moving toward fascism, stating that corporations are increasingly “running the show” and citizens are being deprived of their liberties.

The army cancels a leave extension for a young father whose newborn son clings to life in an intensive care.

The CIA Chief Jose Rodriguez, who ordered the destruction of secret videotapes recording the harsh interrogation of two top Al-Qaeda suspects, doesn’t plan to be made into the “Fall Guy” and may just seek immunity from prosecution for his testimony..

Here’s one more chance to read my “A “Turbo” Christmas to remember..“.

And if you are still looking for that special egg dish to fix for holiday brunch, check here.

Merry Christmas friends and fellow Critters! I wish for all of you peace and joy.

Photo by ♥ellie♥ . Used by permission. Photo of Rockefeller Center.

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  1. Some presidents spread goodwill where ever they go.
    Other presidents spread goodwill when ever they go.

  2. The only thing I want Bush spreading, are his legs when the cops pat him down before they cuff him, read him his rights (which he may or may not still have..) and haul him off to prison.

  3. Good morning, BnF!

    The men are stirring, so I better kick them out of bed. I’m tyring to be a night owl, but it’s really kicking my butt.

  4. Good morning, Mistress Z!

    “The men are stirring,” would that be those college boys you were talking about a few days ago?


  5. Zooey is visiting her boys here in Portland. She arrived here on Friday and, mysteriously, so did my nasty flu virus. Hmmmm.

    And there were those terrible dreams about Potato Scissorhands . . .

  6. Is the flu contagious over the Internet? Its seems to be going around the Zoo, lately.

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