If Republicans fear this man more than Hillary…

… they just have to find him another Dick Cheney as VP.

via Bloomberg:

Wealthy Republicans have a new political nightmare that may be scarier than Hillary Clinton: Mike Huckabee.

The Club for Growth, a Washington-based group that advocates tax and spending cuts, has mounted a campaign against Huckabee in Iowa and South Carolina, which holds its Republican primary on Jan. 19. The group said Dec. 14 it is doubling advertising purchases and urged taxpayers to call Huckabee and challenge him on his tax policy.

5 thoughts on “If Republicans fear this man more than Hillary…

  1. The conservative pundits have panicked. Rich Lowry, editor at the National Review (and complete putz) has gone into full attack mode, doing everything possible to belittle Huckabee. The Right is hoist with its own petard because the Religious Right, which they’ve been milking for years (“Thanks for the votes, now fuck off for the next 2-4 years.”) is suddenly faced with a candidate FROM the Religious Right, and they’re crapping their bespoke pants.

  2. Ya know, it would be fitting if Huckabee got elected. Then we could blame everything on God.

    Can you imagine the Corporate outcry when Corporations have to tithe 10% of their gross income?

  3. If Huck wins, nearly all of us will have to return to our native lands. 98.7% of American citizens are illegals. GD is 1/2 native American – perhaps she will let me and Grammie stay.

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