BBC Censors Bhutto Video

The Existentialist Cowboy has an extremely interesting post today, alerting us to the fact that the BBC has censored the portion of Benazir Bhutto’s video where she says Osama bin Laden was murdered. He includes the original video clip from the BBC (YouTube), then adds a link to the BBC website with the same video clip (sans the sentence concerning bin Laden).

Here was the same original video in a post here on The Zoo from two days ago. It was uploaded to YouTube in November 2007, following the first assassination attempt on Bhutto and Frost interview, by AlJazeeraEnglish.

The comment about the murder of bin Laden is at 6:15.

Here is the censored version (downloaded directly from the BBC website):

The missing comment is at about 5:02.

Now, why on earth would they do something like that? Might the answer to that question might go toward solving this crime? Benazir Bhutto may have been the woman who knew too much…

Again, from The Existentialist Cowboy:

Bhutto herself has exposed the fraudulent nature of the Bush/Blair “war on terrorism”. If Bin Laden is dead, as has been reported, then the various tapes that he is alleged to have made are all phony. The war on terrorism itself is a callous, calculated fraud perpetrated by a murderous Bush regime, a murderous Blair regime, a murderous puppet regime of Musharraf.

Below the fold is the exact text of the AlJazeeraEnglish video clip (just the segment that includes the part that was cut from the BBC version):

“Yes, well, one of them is, umm, a very key figure in security. He is a former military officer. He is someone that, umm.., has had dealings with, umm.., Jaish-e-Mohammed [JEM], one of the band groups of Maulana Azhar , who was in an Indian jail for decapitating 3 British tourists and 3 American tourists and he also had dealings with Omar Sheikh, the man who murdered Osama bin Laden.

Now I know that having dealings with people does not necessarily mean direct evidence, but I also know that internal security has totally collapsed in Pakistan and internal security cannot collapse without there being some blind eye or collusion turned to the militants or the militancy.”

The exact words that are missing from the clip posted on the BBC website are “and he also had dealings with Omar Sheik, the man who murdered Osama bin Laden“.
It then skips to next part: “Now I know that having dealings with people…

The rest of the interview is the same.

28 thoughts on “BBC Censors Bhutto Video

  1. We just watched the first interview. Personally, I wonder if she misspoke or if David Frost had known all along (unlike Americans) that bin Laden was dead because he didn’t flinch when she said it and didn’t ask her to clarify anything. If Osama bin Laden really is dead, then I would like our government to acknowledge this fact. (They can start by taking him off the FBI Most Wanted List.)

    SLightly O/T, but I was amused at the title he uses for his “programme”, “Frost Over The World”. Kind of chilling, if you ask me. I love the fact that at one time, David Frost had the following young people on his writing staff: John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Michael Palin, Terry Jones, and Eric Idle. Yes, David Frost’s show was written by the future Monty Python’s Flying Circus. No wonder they loved to do parodies of him.

  2. But it was his rule, Zooey!!! It’s not like it was US policy before he came along. How can he disregard it now?

    He spoke those words to rally the nation in support of him and his policies. He said that so that we would cheer and tell him to go get ’em! I am saddened to say that I let my emotions get the better of me and I supported this approach at first. I have since come to my senses about the whole “Global War on Terror” (or whatever name they want to give the Endless War they started.)

    I just want to know when he’s going to start living up to anything he has ever said (other than when he said those who leaked Valerie Plame’s name would be “taken care of”, of course.)

  3. It doesn’t matter if it was his rule – -it still doesn’t apply to him. He probably wouldn’t even remember saying it. They’re just words, better yet slogans. They have no meaning.

    Honest people take him at his word — for a while.

  4. If he doesn’t feel bound by those words, then he should publicly repudiate them. Say the opposite thing as publicly as he said the first words. I want him to say, out loud, to the entire assembled Congress, “If you’re a friend of ours, we will overlook your harboring those who attacked us on 9/11.”

  5. You are a man of great character and integrity, Wayne. Chimpy has neither of those characteristics. Why hope for the impossible?

    If you said that to his face, he’d look back at you with a look in his eyes that said, “What is wrong with this guy?”

  6. “WTF is he doing???”

    What do you think he is doing? The ONLY way ANY of this makes sense is if it was a complete fraud from the begining. All of it has been a lie. And as the saying goes, “oh what a tangled web we weave…”

  7. “If he doesn’t feel bound by those words, then he should publicly repudiate them.”

    the entire Neo-Con agenda is based on the Noble Lie, Wayne. He feel like it is his duty to keep us believing in the myth so that they can continue to recreate the United States completely.

  8. “If you’re a friend of ours, we will overlook your harboring those who attacked us on 9/11.”

    If I might suggest you rethink exactly who it was that attacked us on 9/11 Wayne. Because it wasn’t who they said it was.

  9. “I just want to know when he’s going to start living up to anything he has ever said…”

    He has. You just haven’t been listening.

    “a dictatorship would be a lot easier. If I am the dictator.” GWB

    “I don’t know where bin Laden is. I have no idea and really don’t care. It’s not that important. It’s not our priority.” GWB

  10. Willy, I know it’s a fraud, and you (as does Zooey and everyone else who comes here regularly) know it’s a fraud. My point is has he become so brazenly stupid and careless (or is it administration) that he would openly make deals with the people he told us were our enemies, and that no one would notice? Would he actually deny he ever said what I quoted? I found it on a website devoted to quoting all the things they love to hear him say (but not in the way that does.) These people think he’s a great president, and statements like that were the reason he was great. Is he now just gonna give them all the finger and make deals with the people he has been telling us want to kill us, and that no one will call him a hypocrite?

  11. He’ll do all of those things, Wayne, and you know what? They’ll STILL love him to pieces. That’s the sickness of the authoritarian submissive.

    They still love Reagan, don’t they?

  12. “Is he now just gonna give them all the finger and make deals with the people he has been telling us want to kill us, and that no one will call him a hypocrite?”

    Why not? They are forcing our troops to work alongside the same Sunni militia members that set IEDs and killed their fellow soldiers.

    They redacted 28 pages of the Congressional investigation into who financed the 9/11 attacks because they talk about Saudi Arabia, and made it ‘treason” to even talk about it.

    Hell, Bush came right out and said Musharraf was the best president for Pakistan while he was locking up “dissidents” and opposition leaders and kicking the Supreme Court to the curb.

    The only people who support this president, know full well what has happened and they support it because it puts money in thier pockets or thier IRAs.

  13. Willy,

    I am well aware of the fraud perpetrated on the American people that was called “The 9/11 Commission Report”. I am well aware that the attack could not have happened as unencumbered as it did without help from elements within our government. I am well aware of all the hypocrisies that exist within the idea of making this deal.

    What I am saying is, “Has he gotten so stupid (more than we wlaready suspected he was) that he would actually think that no one notice?” I already knew he was a well-documented liar. I already knew he was lying about this applying to Saudi Arabia (home of 15/19ths of the alleged hijackers – the list itself being a lie). I am well aware that he has already turned a blind eye to Musharref’s deal with the terrorists to ensure his (PM’s) own security (but not, apparently, those of his political rivals). I am well aware of his many lies about many other things, both major and minor.)

    I just assumed that there was still someone left in his administration that might be able to say “We have a problem if you do this.”

  14. “They why does the administration and its supporters think we are the ones who deserve to die?”

    Because, Wayne. We weren’t born in the right families.

  15. I think it’s in this order, Wayne.

    1. Not born to the right families.
    2. Don’t worship their god.

    Money matters more than god — to them. No matter what they actually say.

  16. “Or because we don’t worship the same God?”

    Could Bush really believe in “God” and do what he does? Of course not. God is a Noble Lie to them to manipulate and control the masses.

    You serve your god. And these people only serve those higher on the food chain than themselves. The Rothchilds and Rockefellers, the GE’s and the Lockheed Martins, the BPs and the Exxons. The Saudi’s and the bin Ladens. These are their gods.

    And we ain’t part of their congregation.

  17. There are dirty dealings underfoot. Bhutto had the full support of the U.S. until she stepped off the plantation and risked undermining foreign policy. It is too bad the truth must be filtered to ensure the citizenry do not revolt against dangerous foreign entanglements. The bearded one is a myth, yet the American tax-payers are $10 billion lighter each year to hunt him down. Sweet.

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