Good Morning from Europe – 3 Days Left (till the Iowa caucus, that is)

The Iowa caucus is three days away, so it’s time to see what European media make of it. The 2008 Presidential Elections will surely be closely monitored by them, too much is at stake for the whole world. With the crisis of the broader Middle East, the economic turmoil of an impending recession and the ecological desaster of global climate change, there are three problems to tackle, without any room to breathe before starting. Will new ideas and the will to change the status quo in Washington prevail or the exact opposite, the full knowledge of Washington’s ways and the ability to negotiate the dark alleys of the corporate interests capital? “Europeanview” is biased in her views, so let’s have a look at the main newspapers below the fold: 

The Sunday Times has the focus mainly on Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Barack Obama gets his share of mentions and John Edwards is coming in third, but Hillary is clearly getting the most attention. Short of dismissing the Republican campaigns, they at least get mentioned:

On the Republican side, the frontrunners have formed a circular firing squad in a self-destructive frenzy.

“The Guardian”, however, takes a closer look at the field of Republican contenders. But their gist isn’t far from what the Times wrote about the Republicans’ campaigns:

 The ranks of the Grand Old Party of Abe Lincoln are divided as it goes into the Iowa caucus battle on Tuesday, with no agreement on what it stands for and no obvious contender to take on Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama

In a second article they she a light on, how a book might make a difference in the campaigns. No, it’s not the Bible.

Germany’s “Der Spiegel” is again dedicating a whole article to the Democratic race and the new focus on change and style of leadership in the aftermath of the polictical pile-up of the Bush presidency. But in yet another piece Republicans are mentioned as well:

Astonishing things have been happening in Iowa in recent weeks: Hillary Clinton knocking on the doors of hog farmers and smiling timidly; Rudy Giuliani helping an elderly woman cross the street; Mitt Romney telling a joke; Barack Obama standing in the lobby of a Des Moines hotel whistling a tune; Fred Thompson looking awake.

“The Independent”, however, drily remarks it’s Iowa or bust for Romney. Switzerland’s “Tagesanzeiger” sheds light on the impact of Pakistan’s crisis on the Presidential campaigns. Experience in foreign policy has suddenly become much more important than a few days before. Who will benefit? This question is more or less dispensible, isn’t it.

“Europeanview” wishes you all a happy and relaxed Sunday. Take Care!

5 thoughts on “Good Morning from Europe – 3 Days Left (till the Iowa caucus, that is)

  1. Yep, I even tried to find a picture of one, but all I could come up with was the donkey cart race. I’ll make up a fitting picture for the Repubs, though. The web gave me an idea.

  2. I just have to tell you that I love you for using the word “media” correctly — that is, because it’s a plural. Seriously, for that, I love you.

    And that’s beside the point that I love your blog in the first place.

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