Another Outsourced Job – Texan of the Year

The Dallas Morning News has decided that their 2007 Texan of the Year is (drumroll, please) The Illegal Immigrant.!

We can’t seem to live with him and his family, and if we can live without him, nobody’s figured out how. He’s the Illegal Immigrant, and he’s the 2007 Dallas Morning News Texan of the Year – for better or for worse.

(H/T to Drew Curtis’

5 thoughts on “Another Outsourced Job – Texan of the Year

  1. “He’s the illegal immigrant”, the one that does the work that no American will do such as pick fruit, clean toilets, pick weeds, cut grass, and work at Wal Mart all in the same week. So next time you see an “illegal immigrant”, ask him “how many jobs you have?” If he says he only has three, then call him a lazy bum. (sarc/off).

    Just 385 more fucking days… oh sweet jesus, help us.

  2. Yeah, Shayne, he’s the only one allowed at my house, too. Bush and his texans can’t be trusted because they might just steal the silverware and grandma’s china. Look what they did to the US budget? The Bush regime has raped and pillaged the American people.

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