21 thoughts on “George Carlin Tells it Like it Is

  1. Consumerism…

    Wasn’t it the “great destroyer”, George W bush that told Americans to go shopping after 9/11? Hummm…

  2. Carlin is absolutely right about how “the powers that be” don’t want an educated populace, because an educated populace would start asking questions like, “If you say we will make no distinction between the terrorists who committed the 9/11 acts and those who harbor them, then why are we such staunch friends of Pervez Musharref, who cut a deal with al Qaeda in exchange for their safe harbor?”

    Before Capitalism ruled the world, this same approach was used by the clergy, usually the only ones who could read and write. The Bible (or whatever Holy Book they were using at the time) said what they told you it said. When Guttenberg invented the movable press type and was able to publish bibles by the hundreds, more and mroe people learned to read. They also learned that they were being misled by the church leaders, and that the holy words did not always say what they said it said. Rather than reject the entire premise of their religious beliefs, many chose to break off and form their own religions based on their differing interpretation of “Holy Scripture”. (Even then, it was clear that these people did not understand “critical thinking”.)

    We must teach the youth of America (and as many of their parents as will listen) to think critically about what their leaders are telling them. Do not automatically believe what they are being told the truth. Question Authority. “Because I said so” is not an acceptable reason to do as one is told. (Nor is, “Because I’ll beat you into next Tuesday if you don’t.”) Leaders should be qualified to lead, not simply popular or well-connected. Unqualified people have no business in public service, being paid by taxpayers. We must return to the concept of the Commonwealth, the part of our community that we all share, and we all take responsibility for maintaining. We must hold our political leaders accountable to us, not to Corporate America.

    And even if they shut down the internet to keep us from educating our fellow citizens about how they are being manipulated and enslaved, we can go door-to-door, like they did before electricity. But we can do this. And we must.

    The best that humanity has to offer is rarely found in the boardrooms of Corporate America. It’s time we learn to value the things we need to survive, and the people who can figure out how to get them to us. Not the ones who find the people who can do it, the people who can do it. I’ll get down off the soapbox and STFU now. Thank you.

  3. Shayne!! Thank you very much for this clip. Absolutely amazing.

    I haven’t heard of Carlin until recently when I saw a movie called Fuck, and it was about the use of profanity in the media. At some part, Carlin is in his show and is talking about the defense used by people against profanity are the children: “Oh, we are doing it for the children. You know what I say? You know what I say? Fuck the children. Yes, fuck the children.”

    I laughed for a minute.

    He tells it like it is, it is so damned obvious that it is almost a joke. A bad one.

  4. For those who have not seen the film juancristobal mentions it is worth the watch if your rental has it. It is called Fuk and not Fuck though

  5. Walt,

    Carlin goes back further than most people today realize. He used to partner with Jack Burns (who later when on to team with Avery Schreiber. They used to do the bits with Jack telling a story “about these two muleskinners” – yeah, it always had to be muleskinners, and when it was some other occupation, they happened to be skinning a mule – and evolved into the two of them going back and forth rapidly, “Huh?” “Yeah” “Huh?” “Yeah” “Huh?” “Yeah skinning a mule.”)

    We had an early solo album of his called “Take Offs and Put Ons” which featured a hilarious bit called “The Indian Sergeant”. His next album “Class Clown” featured the famous “Seven Words You Can’t Say on Television”. He even appeared on The Smothers Brothers Show.

  6. Hi Zooey!
    I think it may have been me relating biblical scholars to over zealous Deadheads but I am not sure. I didn’t really mean to do it if indeed I am responsible.

    So which of the brothers do you think their mom really did love more?

  7. Sure but you’ve never met me! Carlin has become a bit too bitter at times but his language skills are unrivaled. His deal about landmines is one of my favorites but then again with Carlin there are too many favorites

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