Good Morning from Europe – It’s 2008 and 384 Days to Go

(This traditional dish of fried potatoes with a rolled pickled herring is supposed to get you cured from your hangover on New Year’s Day.)

It is a New Year, but one night of partying and a change in calender dates is not going to change much, when it comes to the state the world is in. So, let us have a look at what is going on and reported on this morning, below the fold:

Most important and covered last night by Zooey, here at The Zoo already, Benazir Bhutto had evidence that Musharraf and the ISI had used US aid funds to try and rig the upcoming elections.

 Sarfraz Ali Lashari, a senior PPP official who works in its election monitoring cell, told The Times that he had helped to compile a 200-page report on the Government’s efforts to rig the poll, which Ms Bhutto planned to give to the Americans and to the press the day she was killed.

But that’s not all:

The second report, which Ms Bhutto did not plan to release to the media, alleged that the ISI was using some of the $10 billion (£5 billion) in US military aid that Pakistan has received since 2001 to run a covert election operation from a safe house in G5, a central district of Islamabad, he said.

Elections, what elections? Musharraf is in a fix. The murder of Benazir Bhutto will bring a lot of sympathy votes to the PPP, now that they have swiftly found themselves a successor to Ms Bhutto, the Pakistan People’s Party is set up to win elections on January 8th in a landslide even. The PPP is equally in a fix. Bilawal Bhutto is too young to run for office and his father Asif Zardari is a hard sell to the Pakistani voters, his history of corruption doesn’t endear him to the people and the PPP desperately needs those sympathy votes. The new election date will be announced tomorrow evening.

In another part of the world, Kenya, elections have taken place already. But with the results being so close and accusations of voter fraud being exchanged to and fro, the country is rife with violence. There are fears, that the country will drift into a full blown civil war. Hard-core tourists, however, seem not to be too concerned:

European tourists arriving at Nairobi’s five-star hotels looked bemused as they arrived for luxury safaris. Holiday-makers swam in the outdoor pool at the Intercontinental hotel as politicians held press conferences by the sun loungers.

More elections, anyone? Well there is still the US Presidential Race. Mitt Romney‘s campaign is covered by “The Times” today and their US elections blog asks: How many Republican frontrunners does it take to change a lightbulb? The Hillary Clinton campaign is unearthing Old Bill again – well, he is good at confessions, isn’t he? Desperate means – Obama’s in the lead.  And then there is – yes, Michael Bloomberg, of course! The dark horse in the race. Will he? Won’t he? “Der Spiegel” says he is preparing to run.

Enough to keep you reading while you have this years’ first cup of coffee. “Europeanview” wishes you all a good start in the day and into 2008. Take Care!

11 thoughts on “Good Morning from Europe – It’s 2008 and 384 Days to Go

  1. Good evening EV, thank’s for the post……I’ll pass on the pickled herring though, more of a smoked oyster’s fan myself…..Drunk or sober can’t go pickled fish…..LOL..Blessings, Peace and a Happy New year to you and all the critter’s..

  2. Hi witch1, have a pleasant day walking bear and are you really eating smoked oysters? I can’t eat shellfish, allergy. 😦

    Hugs to you!

  3. Good afternoon EV. The potatoes look yummy but I’m sure about the pickled herring. I would enjoy smoked herring with some horseradish sauce.

    Eight is a good number so 2008 will be a good year. It just 384 more days left of the Bush Regime.

  4. Back at ya EV…No smoked oyster’s this early in the morning but later today will enjoy a few, love them on cracker’s…….Sorry you can’t enjoy shell fish, my most favorite is lobster but to expensive to have often…Treat myself a couple of time’s a year….Today’s feast is rib steak smothered in sauted mushroom’s, baked potato with sour cream and chive’s, tossed saled with ranch dressing and later on devel’s food cake I baked yesterday…Will share the cake with the neighbor’s..Way to much for one old lady to eat…LOL..Bear is on nap mode, already had breakfast and his morning 5A.M. run.

    BTW, critter’s…You may want to watch the Rose parade and see if the huge planned parade after the Rose parade is televised…The White Rose group is joining many other group’s including Code Pink to end the war and impeach cheney/bush along with a copy of the Preamble…Oped new’s has a post on it..Sending out many Blessings to you all today…

  5. This evening’s dinner will be the traditional Pennsylvania German one; pork, sauerkraut and mashed potatoes, enjoyed with about 30 friends.

  6. Have a wonderful dinner Cats, I’ll take the pork and mashed potatoes but the sauerkraut is a no go for me, use to make it but never could stand to eat it..To much Irish in me to go with the sour stuff I guess..Blessings

  7. I’ve never seen such a bunch of picky eaters in my life! Oy!

    Happy New Year to all of you from Portland, Oregon, where it is 8:48 am and counting. Coffee is brewing, thank goodness, and I feel pretty good considering the level of sparkling wine that went down my pipe. Best to stick to the good stuff and go to be early. Fat chance I’d make it to midnight but even my neighbors failed to make enough racket to wake me up. So here it is, 2008. Time to sweep out DC, hose it down, fumigate it, and start with a fresh batch of rats.

  8. Yepper – we’ll be starting out with a fresh batch of rats, all right. There’s a least a bit of narcissism in every politician.

  9. Fantastic roundup, EV. Glad I could help. 🙂

    That looks like a delicious breakfast, EV. Not sure I could go with the fish, but I’ll try anything once. Pickles make most things edible. 😀

  10. Morning EV! And, Happy New Year to you! Great picture! I love all the descriptions of the food. It makes me want to try something new. I might have to try and venture out later. The guys in the house will be watching football all day. The roads are covered with ice so I am not sure it’ll work unless we thaw out here.

  11. I have a weak stomach for fried but I am a sucker for food and unlike many I really do like pickled herring. Well at least on the right occasions and in the right presentations

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