How to create an Angry American

This is a great video I came across in youtube, just some minutes ago. It is so powerful that I decided to make this post.

Can’t miss it.


10 thoughts on “How to create an Angry American

  1. Great clip Juan C and the Zoo, Thank’s for posting, started my 2008 off good …Blessings all

  2. Awesome clip Juan, you just made my day! I have a Republican “friend” I’m going to send this to.

  3. Thanks for the great video. It reminds us why we are fighting for our freedoms, right here in the USA.

    The coffins and the flags were a heartbreaking reminder.

  4. I love the clips at the end. Media will NEVER show this stuff. The fact is, people know and people are being silenced. We have got to take our country back somehow.

  5. That was one powerful video. Thanks Juan. Definitely an excellent reminder of what we are fighting for (and against). Thank you.

  6. Happy New Year Everybody!

    This is one of the greatest videos made to date. I was wondering how long it would take for somebody to put the lies next to the deception adn then wrap it up with what they really said.

    I have been saying it all along, I think that NeoCons are so non-tech savvy, that they don’t know how video and audio recording equipment can save what they have said forever. They think if they lie, nobody can find out what the really said.

    Thank you for sharing this. I am sending it to everybody, especially my Republican friends and family.

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