Good Morning from Europe – 383 days to go and the end of the Bush presidency begins tomorrow

The Iowa caucuses, beyond any doubt, is the main topic of interest, when it comes to US politics. In a way people are relieved that the 12 months pre-primary campaign is over and polls will be backed by facts, or not. Some commenters on the articles this post links to, suggest that the Iowa caucuses were not really important at all. Well the candidates don’t think so, they are on a last ditch 36 hrs non stop campaign, so we’ll do them the favour and take this seriously as well.

A must read is “The Telegraph” today. Simon Heffer sighs: “If only we could vote for the next US president”. “Der Spiegel” covers Mitt Romney, the CEO candidate and the importance of New Hampshire for McCain. “The Times” tells you what happens “When Iowa’s music stops”. The Swiss newspaper NZZ, reports on last efforts before the caucuses.

Outside the US the year took a very sad start. Kenya is about to sink into a civil war and tribal clashes. Scenes mindful of the Hutu-Tutsi massacres in Ruanda in 1994 are being reported. The story is covered here, here and here.

Pakistan is still an issue, too. The anticipated postponement of the January 8th elections shows first results. The Bhutto clan has started to dismantle Bilawal’s position. This feuding among family memebers plays nicely into Musharraf’s and the military’s hands. The reaction of the Pakistanis on the announcement of the election committee remains to be seen.

“Europeanview” will be traveling for a couple of days and will most likely not have access to the internet. So stay safe and take care, see y’all again on Monday!

7 thoughts on “Good Morning from Europe – 383 days to go and the end of the Bush presidency begins tomorrow

  1. the 12 months pre-primary campaign is over

    I believe that there was a conscious decision on the part of the powers that be to start the pre-primary immediately after the ’06 elections in large part to deflect the public’s attention away from Impeachment. ‘Why impeach, we’re gonna elect a new president soon anyways?’

    What harm could Bush do in only 2 years? Well, 9/11 happened less than 2 years into His Presidency. And Bush could launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike at any time. (against Iran, perhaps?)

    Is the United States better off now, than it was in 2000?

    Is the world better off now, than it was in 2000?

    I believe the answer to be a resounding “no” on both counts.

    The only people better off now than in 2000 are the War Profiteers.

    Now, in the words of Keith Oberman, “Good night, and good luck.”

  2. Good thread EV,..Wishes of safe and fun filled day’s till we read you again..

    Great post BnF…Upon reading your post I had a few thought’s…..What if the voter’s changed direction after all the caucus crap?…What if our country turn’s it’s energy to impeachment, as it should?…We can bring about a huge change now.

    The public is weary of all the political junk and ready for massive marches to relieve their stress….With spring on the way there may be more than plant’s budding, the energy is there and we are month’s away from voting….Time to stop the media blitz and make our voices heard..We can impeach if the obsticles are removed and we can change the world for the better if we work hard enough…Enough for me, will be all I can do, every day all the time……..Blessings..Peace

  3. What if the voter’s changed direction after all the caucus crap?

    To answer that one would have to look at what would cause a massive change in voter’s attitudes. Clearly, evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the Bush Administration has little effect on public opinion, at least, if the wrongdoing has to do with violating international law, torturing, spying on citizens, etc. On the other hand, if the wrongdoing is sexual in nature, then the public will change its attitude on a dime.

    Conversely, a “terrorist” attack would be blamed on “liberals” and we would slide into a complete authoritarian state, there to remain for generations. Even a single assassination attempt would be all this government needs to suspend habeas corpus and all civil liberties, to round up, as it were, the usual suspects.

    What if the voters changed their attitudes? Would it be reported in the mainstream press? Doubtful. Massive demonstrations held to date are downplayed as it is.

    The sea change necessary, and inevitable, given the course we are on, is a massive civil uprising – a new civil war, between the haves (and have-mores; Bush’s Base) and the have-nots. The Ruling Class knows this is inevitable, and is already taking steps to utterly destroy the populace, when it finally does rise against them. Microwave and plasma weapons are being readied for use against civilian populations. Massive detention centers have been constructed across the United States, for “homeland security.”

    The uprising will be forced underground, to fight a guerilla war. The super-wealthy, those that survive, will leave the country, taking their wealth with them.

    But the real battle, and the real victory, won’t be fought with violence. Those that understand the nature of the Universe will teach others; will teach the children. It will happen in small, isolated groups, each occuring spontaneously yet concurrently. Children will teach children. There will be a point when the New Enlightenment will spread like an uncontrolled wildfire across this continent and reach out across the seas. The force of arms cannot prevent this from happening.

    (My apologies for the lengthy rambling nature of this post)

  4. We can impeach if the obsticles are removed

    I agree. It is time to ask for help. That is why I am praying, once again, for Light to be brought to Truth, and, this time, for Justice to wield her Sword.

  5. When the revolution comes, it will be in the form of the financial collapse of our nation. We are heading there faster than the media is willing to report. China already owns us and the dollar will continue to weaken. All the outsourcing of jobs will raise the standard of living in third world countries and lower the standard of living in wealthy countries. It’s already happening and it can’t be stopped.

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