Opinion: The winds of change – Iowa’s message

This year’s campaign is going to be way different. People who never bothered before, are being interested in politics. The Iowa caucuses brought a record number of caucus-goers, never mind the chilly temperatures and the fould weather and what’s on the sports channel. People want change, that is definitely the message. The Washington elites better don warm clothing, Iowa’s chilly breeze may well blow them out of their offices.

The last mid-term elections were duped as elections for change. But what happened? The very people elected to bring about that change under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi have taken impeachment off the table, have authorized one spending bill after the other for the Iraq war, without any mandatory troop reductions. Have wriggled their way through the dark alleys of Washington politics. Have spent ages in oversight committee meetings in probes on the Administration’s failures and outright misdemeanors, without even intending the investigations to have any consequences.

Washington listen!  Iowa has news for you! Be it Republicans, be it Democrats, your people wants you to change. They want you to stop all the wars. The War on Terror, the war in Iraq and the war on the middle class, waged by corporate interests, without the interference of politicians they have comfortably in their pockets.

Hark Hillary Clinton, hark Rudy Giuliani. Neither your money and backing by influential interest groups, not your fear-mongering will help you anymore. Americans will bring about change this time. And it’s high time, they did!

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