New Hampshire or bust! – Hillary’s woes and 379 days of Bush left

The US Presidential Election primaries still take up most of the English press’ attention. If we interpret the news, it looks like the Hillary Clinton campaign has seen better days. Polls show that Obama is closing in in New Hampshire and the momentum from Iowa may well cost Hillary Clinton New Hampshire, too. There are thinly veiled obituaries on her campaign. Barack Obama easily beats her, when it comes to charm and popularity. She, however, easily matches his lack of substance on specific issues.

Hillary Clinton is fighting a losing battle, it seems, and attacks like this one reek of desperation:

Clinton went on to remind Americans that they had voted for George Bush because he seemed likeable. “In 2000 we, unfortunately, ended up with a president who people said they wanted to have a beer with; who said he wanted to be a uniter, not a divider; who said that he had his intuition and he was going to, you know, really come into the White House and transform the country,” she said.

Are her troubles the result of her poll-anxious campaigning? Maybe. Her fear of alienating the moderate Republicans, whose votes she thought she’d need to be elected President, made her forget the votes she needs in the first place, the Democratic votes she needs to be elected Candidate!

And she won’t get the votes from Edwards, it seems. John Edwards runs a campaign against corporate greed and Hillary Clinton is definitely viewed as a Corporate America Candidate.

The sneak attack from Edwards came soon after Clinton fired her first salvo against Obama, accusing him of repeatedly shifting positions on health care.

Edwards suggested Clinton was being unfair. Then he added in Obama’s defence: “Any time you speak out powerfully for change, the forces of status quo attack. That’s exactly what happens.”

Let’s face it. However badly one wishes, that John Edwards had the coverage and the attention of the media that Clinton and Obama enjoy, he is after all someone who runs a substantial, down to brass tacks campaign. Nevertheless, his campaign seems to be doomed, but even if it is, he will have a huge influence, because his 29.7% in Iowa show, that a substantial number of voters are behind him. And both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama crave Edwards’ endorsement. Should Hillary Clinton lose substantially in New Hampshire, however, things might lighten up for John Edwards.

Campaign strategists for Edwards admitted after the debate that he believed he would stand a better chance if Clinton is knocked out of the race in New Hampshire. Edwards edged Clinton into second place in Iowa by less than a percentage point.


2 thoughts on “New Hampshire or bust! – Hillary’s woes and 379 days of Bush left

  1. The final question of the debate was regarding this: if a candidate could go back to previous debates and change anything that they said, what would it be. Hillary never answered the question. Barack agreed with Hillary’s statement and he, too, never answered the question. Edwards said that he would withdraw his criticism of Hillary’s clothes. Only Richardson stated that he made several mistakes in his statements and then he proceeded to mention one. Richardson was the only candidate that admitted real errors in his statements. Anyone that can admit to mistakes is someone more trustworthy, in my mind. Clinton and Obama were not willing to admit mistakes. Looks like I’ll have a relaxing year in 2008 because I won’t work for any candidate except Richardson and he won’t be the nominee. I’ll help raise some money for my local PA State Legislature who has been doing a great job in Harrisburg for the residents of PA.

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