The Empire strikes back! Chamber of Commerce vows to punish anti-business candidates

Now, candidates, mind your manners! Don’t you dare talk, hell don’t even think about social fairness, let alone social equality. Corporate America doesn’t like that and vows to retaliate:

WASHINGTON — Alarmed at the increasingly populist tone of the 2008 political campaign, the president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is set to issue a fiery promise to spend millions of dollars to defeat candidates deemed to be anti-business.

“We plan to build a grass-roots business organization so strong that when it bites you in the butt, you bleed,” chamber President Tom Donohue said.

Never mind that the US economy is in recession already,

Merrill, itself one of Wall Street’s biggest casualties of the sub-prime crisis, is the first major bank to declare that a recession in the world’s biggest economy is now underway.

US Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson has admitted that the US economy faces severe challenges

David Rosenberg, the bank’s chief North American economist, argues that a weakening employment picture and declining retail sales signal the economy has tipped into its first month of recession.

after eight years of corporate greed and immeasurable leeway for corporate interests and, of course, with men like said Tom Donohue at the helm of the economy. Social benefits can hardly be to blame for the current economic woes in a country where no universal healthcare, no universal state sponsored pension plan even exist.

You can’t blame it on the middle class and working class, if the economy goes wrong in a country where the “Enrichissez-vous!” of the influential sets the stage for those who would like to influence their own fate as well. Where only money gives you that influence and said money concentrates in fewer hands increasingly.

The good news is: They seem to be concerned.

The bad news is: The chamber of commerce is a powerful opponent and you can wait for the first candidate to reassure big business and bow to their will.


17 thoughts on “The Empire strikes back! Chamber of Commerce vows to punish anti-business candidates

  1. Big business has long been an unpleasant playground bully. And it’s especially galling that they do their dirty work (political ads, PACs, lobbying, buying legislation, etc.) with OUR money — money they have gained through the prices of goods and services we pay for.

    The good news is that big business only has money to throw at this. We Americans can decide if we are going to stand up to this, or if we are going to submit to their message and meekly vote for whomever they tell us to. Enough of us might even be aware of the outrages around us to cancel out the brain-dead 28%.

  2. Frankly, this system of private sponsorization of political campaing is really disturbing. Other countries (like mine) have a given air time for every party (depending of % of voters, with a minimum for small or new parties), payed with taxes money.

    At least, it has a stronger appearence of legality…

  3. That’s priceless, the Chamber of Commerce tool promises to do MORE of what has the people so up in arms about corporate America. Who does he think he is Marie Antoinette yelling “Let them eat cake.”?

    I’m with RUC, bring it on.

  4. The Chamber tries this tactic during every election in the county where I live in PA. Too bad, too sad. The Chamber can’t beat the feet on the ground, grassroot movements. Heard on the news today that there are many young first-time voters in New Hampshire. This is good news. That means more young people to help at election time. Us older folks won’t have to work so hard.

  5. Zooey – No. That’s bad news. Now you will have to attend City Council meetings and expose these flat earthers.

  6. Cats, these are real flat-earthers, too. The pastor of the church, a block from my place, is on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s watch list.

  7. I like this pull quote:

    ““We plan to build a grass-roots business organization so strong that when it bites you in the butt, you bleed,” chamber President Tom Donohue said.”

    They’re complaining about populism, yet they “plan to build a grass-roots organization”.

    Good luck with that.

  8. jj, I realize your post is satire, but wouldn’t “cannibalizing” the liberals indicate that Donohue is a liberal?

  9. That’s what I say, RUC!

    Now that his picture is out there, I certainly hope his next waiter brings him something EXTRA SPECIAL in his crab bisque!

    Fucking prick! They are so goddamn arrogant, these corporate criminals!

    When does hunting season start?

  10. Donahue is a pig. A corporate whore that even Grover bows down to. The US CoC is a joke. There isn’t a corporate handout that they didn’t defend.

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