Obituaries premature: Hillary Clinton wins New Hampshire

The race to the Democratic nomination is undecided, still. Hillary Clinton has, quite unexpectedly, after the poll numbers we’ve read in the run-up to the New Hampshire primaries, won in New Hampshire. Accordingly the European media are celebrating the “comeback kid” across the board. And John McCain, too, when it comes to that, but the Republican race, again, is not making the headlines. Republican primaries are still reported on almost as an afterthought.

The Times: Hillary Clinton wins New Hampshire, defying polls 

The Guardian: Clinton fights back to take New Hampshire 

The Independent: Surprise win for Clinton the comeback kid

The Telegraph: Hillary Clinton stages comeback in New Hampshire

Der Spiegel: The reinvention of Hillary Clinton 

What is common ground? The victory of Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire primaries has surprised the very people, who have hyped Barack Obama’s Iowa triumph into some kind of revolution, me included. Hillary Clinton seems to have won over the women of New Hampshire and traditional Democrats. Barack Obama’s supporters are likely younger and he has a strong performance when it comes to independent voters. But there are still 17% votes for John Edwards, 5% for Bill Richardson and 1% for Dennis Kucinich. A closer look reveals that her “tearful moment” may have been a turning point, when the Hillary campaign became Hillary the person. Much more important could be the fact, that Hillary Clinton has taken up the “change” mantra, as have all the other candidates and has succeeded in combining “change” and “experience” in the minds of the voters.

The next steps ahead are  South Carolina and Nevada and after that “Super Tuesday” should bring a clearer picture. Money is playing a bigger role now, too, because the campaigning goes national. And for Hillary Clinton, money is sure no problem.

And as an afterthought here, too. The media is still waiting for Rudy Giuliani. McCain’s victory has been dubbed a “comeback”  as much as Hillary Clinton’s. The lack of support from the party establishment for John McCain, makes it unlikel, that he will be the candidate. The Republican race is still open, but Mitt Romney has, again, not delivered.

 “Europeanview” wishes you all a good and healthy day, enjoy the pundits’ egg on their collective faces and take care!

 UPDATE: It must have been the tears! See here and here and here

Hillary Clinton revealed today the turning point which helped to resurrect her presidential campaign and stall the seemingly unstoppable bandwagon of her rival Barack Obama.

She described the incident in a New Hampshire diner when she almost broke into tears as a “wonderful moment” that allowed voters to “get a sense of why I do what I do”.

I, personally, immediately got a sense of why she does what she does. I hope the voters do as well.

9 thoughts on “Obituaries premature: Hillary Clinton wins New Hampshire

  1. by the way, POFCMAO
    (pounding on the floor crying my a** off)
    (That S.O.B. Bush is up to NO Good Again! pounding them wardrums again)!

  2. Hi EV – did you hear Obama’s speech? He reminds me of a Jack Kennedy/Martin Luther King Jr clone. I enjoyed his speech. This nation and world needs healing and Obama’s speech is all about unity.

  3. Cats the German television have used the “K”word when it comes to Obama for a while now. He’s called the Black Kennedy here. I so hope people don’t fall for Hillary Clinton. I am not sure about Obama, Kucinich and Edwards are more my ticket and Al Gore would be the President of my and many other europeans’ dreams, but Hillary Clinton – no.

    Not even Bill likes her, look at the body language yesterday evening when he was on the stage with her.

  4. Great post ev. It is really fantastic to read about the reactions and responses from those outside our country on the process. It is a lot better reading..

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