How to win a primary – Just a thought – Do we really want to count backwards on Jan 21st, 2009 again?

When women voters stay away from you, you have to win them over, by snarky remarks on sexist heckling, for instance:

Shedding a few well placed tears could help you, too:

Was this all well calculated and planted? Well, she did it before:

And never mind the Diebold vote counting machine “glitches”, this has happened before as well, though not with the democratic side, as far as I know. BTW. It’s 375 Days of Bush left.


5 thoughts on “How to win a primary – Just a thought – Do we really want to count backwards on Jan 21st, 2009 again?

  1. Guess the Europeans don’t care much for Hillary. Even though she may be my last choice., I would still be satisfied with any of the Democrats as president.

  2. Some really disturbing “war” news at this morning. Bush and Cheney are not giving up on starting a war with Iran.

  3. Good Morning Cats! This here European doesn’t care much for her. I have put up a new post, however with some tidbits from the Republican clowns and really I’d prefer Hillary over any of those, of course.

    The general sentiment here in Europe is: Hillary is a very able woman and, of course things would be dramatically different with her as a president. But she doesn’t give us the sense of really starting something new. She’ll try to mend the existing status, but changes to your economy, your society, your enivironmental and your international politics need an entirely new approach really.

    I remember her speech very well a couple of days after 9/11 at the remembrance ceremony. Her’s have been very warmhearted, very unpolitic, very empathetic and intelligent words. I admired her immensely for that and I admire what an intelligent woman she is, but I loathe her style of campaigning.

  4. Thanks, ev. Enjoy a different perspective as long as it’s not “swiftboating” and I would never accuse you of doing that. I value your viewpoint and look forward to it every morning. I read your “column” 8) with my morning coffee.

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