Bogus Iran story was product of Pentagon spokesman

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An American journalist and historian who was the first to break the story of a secret Iranian peace overture to the Bush Administration in 2006 alleges that the latest Pentagon encounter between Iranian ships and a Navy vessel was a deliberate fabrication.

The incident, on Jan. 5 in Strait of Hormuz off the Iranian coast, was originally described as a non-event — then quickly became one in which Iranian boats threatened to “explode” American ships.

At about 4 am on Monday Jan. 7, the commander of the Fifth Fleet issued a news release on an incident with small Iranian boats. According to reporter Gareth Porter, writing in the Asia Times, “the release reported that the Iranian “small boats” had “maneuvered aggressively in close proximity of [sic] the Hopper [the lead ship of the three-ship convoy]. But it did not suggest that the Iranian boats had threatened the boats or that it had nearly resulted in firing on the Iranian boats.”

“On the contrary, the release made the US warships handling of the incident sound almost routine,” he adds. “‘Following standard procedures,’ the release said, “Hopper issued warnings, attempted to establish communications with the small boats and conducted evasive maneuvering.'”

No reference was made to a US ship nearly firing on an Iranian vessel, or suggestions that the US ships would “explode,” or white boxes dropped into the water in the path of the US fleet.
Read entire article… (This is an amazing story..)

I knew this was bogus the minute I heard the audio. I can’t believe they did this. On the other hand, I guess I should be surprised..


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