Tucker Carlson Thinks Obama Speaking in Church Illegal

Tucker Carlson corners the market on hypocrisy. Barack Obama speaks once in a church and Tucker is calling for the church to lose it’s tax exemption. Where was he when Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell were using the churches for strictly political gain? He doesn’t want to talk about that here.

And he praises Mike Huckabee for attending a church and not speaking politically. What does he think goes on in every white fundamentalist church weekly?

CARLSON: Really? Are they — but you know what? You know the truth — well, hold on. You know the truth, which is that many black churches are basically political organizations, and no one wants to say that, but you know full well it’s true. You look into that camera and tell me you know that’s not true, because you know it is. And yet nobody says anything about it.

Watch and read more at Media Matters.

8 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson Thinks Obama Speaking in Church Illegal

  1. Apparently, if Obama had been speaking in a white church, it would have been okey-dokey.

    (Fixed the link, Shayne. Not the first time I’ve seen an extra http:// slip into one of those links; I don’t know about IE but Firefox can’t cope.)

  2. trueblue, I keep the television on MSNBC most of the day working at my desk, just for the noise. But as soon as Tucker comes on I switch to CNN. Then Lou Dobbs comes on and I switch to MSNBC. I need a life.

  3. That’s precisely what I meant although I thought the the same thing about the whole TP/Siebel Edmonds issue and I found myself going back because I found myself craving that particular brand (for lack of a better word) of dialogue. Mostly. Roger_roger, Exley, goon_golly et al. being the exceptions of course.

    Keith lost something in my eyes last night just by sheer association. But he still has an important role to play in the drama. Satire has always been a *powerful* weapon throughout history during turbulent times.

  4. Really there are so few people you can watch that while you want to boycott them completely for their association it usually doesn’t last that long.

    I have to go back to do battle with those guys when I’m mad about something on the news and I don’t want to argue with my family. It’s cathartic.

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