How NBC Changed ‘The Facts’ To Block Dennis Kucinich From The Nevada Debate

via: AfterDowningStreet
By Matthew Lasar, Media Channel

Nevada’s Supreme Court upheld NBC’s exclusion of presidential contender Dennis Kucinich from MSNBC’s Democrats’ debate. But the TV network’s own appeal to the court reveals that its managers changed the program’s qualification rules — a move that threw Kucinich off the program.

An NBC Emergency Petition’s “statement of facts” filed today admits that Kucinich may have qualified for the debate under the rules outlined by Democratic party consultant Jenny Backus. Those guidelines said that a candidate had to finish in at least fourth place in the New Hampshire primary or Iowa Caucus to participate in the January 15th debate.

A candidate could also qualify by being included “in the top four in one of six credible random-sample telephone national news media polls conducted since the Iowa Caucus.”

NBC’s statement acknowledges that in a Gallup Poll completed soon after the Iowa Caucus, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama received the support of 33 percent of those polled, John Edwards obtained 20%, and Kucinich won 3%. New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson picked up only 1% of those surveyed.

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This was wrong and should not have happened.
Contact NBC/MSNBC:
(212) 664-4444 Ask for the Comment Line Email:

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