Same old Same old

The Smirking Chimp has accompanied John Nirenberg to Nancy Pelosi’s office:

I had been to Nancy Pelosi’s office in the Cannon House Office Building before. In fact, I’d been there several times and usually had a pleasant stay, often very quick and efficient, other times prolonged by everyone’s enjoyment of the songs my friends in pink were singing, and as often as not resulting in new friendships with fine officers of the Capitol Police who accompanied us out. This time was going to be different.

Just a few of us went by there on Wednesday. No cameras. No songs. And no signs, since we’d already left those at the door with our Capitol Police friends, who continue to get the wrong impression about us. We walked in and said “Good afternoon,” which they apparently mistook for the voice of the Filipino Monkey saying “We are come to slaughter your children.”

It surely looks like citizens are the equivalent of midges to your Speaker. Shoo ’em off! They might ask uncomfortable questions, too.

Read the rest of the story, here:

12 thoughts on “Same old Same old

  1. Hillary won Nevada! At least that’s what CNN says. Obama still strong 2nd, but Edwards only about 4%

    I’ll go and watch “Wicker Man” on DVD, can’t be much more gruesome. Or finish reading my Stephen Kind novel.


  2. Another good post…Thank’s EV and the Zoo for my continued education…..Time to do some baking since I’m feeling good today…..Blessings all

  3. nwmuse,

    That is so disturbing.
    I wonder what is happening with Kucinich’s recount in NH. Do you (or anyone here) know how long the process will take?
    Can a similar request be made in NV?

    Thanks for the article link.

  4. People can’t keep asking for them. It will reflect badly on the candidate (my opinion), and it will become very costly. It is also hard to keep moving forward when you are dealing with something happened already that will take time and effort. All this primaries are coming up quickly. It is only a matter of a few weeks before we are likely to know who the candidates will be from both parties. Discouraging..

    As far as the NH recount, this is the best source to keep up on it:

    He is THE voting/election fraud/keep’emhonest guy.

  5. Honestly, if you haven’t seen the DVD “Uncounted – the new math of elections”, and the DVD “Hacking Democracy”, people should find a copy and watch them.

    Watch them.

  6. Hey, Zooey.
    That hopeful email turned out not-so-hopeful.
    Oh well. At least no liquid diets in my near future. (Other than a cesspool drink or ten.)

  7. I can’t believe Nancy Pelosi wouldn’t give this guy 5 stinkin’ minutes.. She knew he was coming. Everyone paying attention to the news knew he was coming. All I can say is.. “coward..”

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