CNN “uninvites” Kucinich from the SC Democratic Debate

via: OpEdNews

After a poll placed Kucinich at 4%, he was uninvited when CNN quickly announced the criterion of 5% for participation in its next debate in South Carolina. The Kucinich campaign released this statement: “CNN sets debate criteria 1% above Kucinich’s latest poll results, campaign files complaint with FCC,” arguing that the event “is not a true presidential primary debate without including all credible candidates.”

For more, go to this link at AfterDowningStreet.

5 thoughts on “CNN “uninvites” Kucinich from the SC Democratic Debate

  1. I’m not going to watch that debate either.
    And, I think I will write to the Kucinich campaign and urge them to tape a version of their own “debate”, addressing all the questions asked and answered in this debate and put it up on YouTube. (Sort of like they did on “Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman” the day after the last debate he was shut out of.

    I would happily post it and go to every blog I can think of and link to it. He can still get his message out, and hold himself up against the other candidates.
    As long as he isn’t willing to give up, he should be able to speak and be heard. He should be able to be given the opportunity to distinguish himself from the other candidates on what is different in his positions.

    It makes me so mad that the press is working overtime to silence him.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree w/nwmuse! 🙂 Keep fighting the good fight DK!!! The flippin’ corporatocracy doesn’t want you to talk, you might open some eyes and get some seriously needed info out there…and they don’t want you to…well screw ’em! To the wall!!!
    Peace (believe it or not),

  3. You know Corporate America is really afraid that Kucinich’s message would resonate with the American People when they keep making/changing rules to keep him from getting media exposure.

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