By special request — for dbadass

The Who – I Can’t Explain

Jim Carroll Band – People Who Died

Wall of Voodoo – Mexican Radio

The Who – I am the sea & the real me



78 thoughts on “By special request — for dbadass

  1. I always meant to see Jim Carroll in concert back in those days. Great song, and an amazing talent. Fascinating book he wrote about his young junkie days.

  2. OMG.

    I can’t believe that I actually like every one of those songs / performances.

    Diverse, but yet the same thematically.

  3. P.S.
    The last two songs are from my era. Loved them! Was surprised at how The Who fit in so nicely.

    Maybe I’m being a geek.

  4. Just how do you do the laughing smiley face?

    Guess that makes you “geekier” than me.

  5. Just how do you do the laughing smiley face?

    I’ll field this one, Zooey.

    If you can see the word “Edit” on the comment’s time stamp, you can click that and see how it was done.

    If not, take out the spaces and do this
    : lol :

  6. Two geek responses in a row.

    I love you guys. I’m just pokin’ fun.

    It’s Friday night. What the heck.

  7. Did you catch the number of that bus, Wayne?

    Because I believe Zooey answered my question before you did, making the geek question a bit foggy….

  8. I will be by game time. Right now my concentration is on not screwing up a major project at work so I can relax and enjoy the game while still having a job to go to the next day. šŸ™‚

  9. Thanks, true. And I probably won’t lose my job, I’ll just get hollered at by the people who took up all the spare time I might have had with their late decisions and information. šŸ˜‰

  10. Ah, to be young and hip like Juan.

    BTW: What are you doing posting here on a hip Friday night, Juan?



  11. Juan,

    Hola, amigo, como estas?

    I’m just hangin’ out looking for some poor unfortunate soul to accidentally say something that could be misinterpreted by someone with a devious mind. Like me, the sweet innocent cub bear. šŸ™‚

  12. Well,
    Enjoy the dbadass tribute, although he’s not here.

    It’s midnight and I’m turning into a pumpkin.

    Good night, all.

  13. *gottcha*

    Who said I was fun?

    My throats hurts a lot and I have aikido tomorrow morning. But I have never been the soul of parties. Parties are overrated, IMHO.

    Hip Hop? No…I don’t identify myself with that kind of music: I’m not black, I don’t have muscles, I don’t like jewelry, I don’t have fancy cars nor hot women dancing around.

  14. Wayne, sorry, can’t help, I’m off to sleep.
    We should bring Daryll some day… šŸ˜›

  15. Heh. I’m teasing, Juan. šŸ˜€

    Yeah, true is always leaving her crystal shoes around for we toads to trip over. Sheesh…

    Get some rest, and take care of your sore throat.

  16. Wow. Guess I wasn’t joking around when I said I wasn’t the party guy…

    Am I that boring?

    Well…at least I have MySpace, otherwise I would be really pathetic.


    Take care, friends.

  17. Heh. Iā€™m teasing, Juan. šŸ˜€

    No, my joke didn’t come out right… I like some hip hop.

  18. That my dear is how I make my supplemental income. I did two sushi grade and two 2+ tuna tonight as well as countless about 8 big mahi, one and a half swordfish, and a shit pile of farm raised king (chinock) salmon. It was a pretty easy night. I don’t do the spoon scrapping though. Well at least not this time of year as not many places order scrappings for tuna tartare right now

  19. I wandering gypsy showed me by the light of a full moon.
    In general it is not usually best to ask too many questions of oceanmen (or oceanwomen I assume as I only know less than a handful)

    You could do it. Once you know the moves and have been allowed to F’up a few very expensive fish it actually becomes pretty easy. The thing that messes me up is that the damn things are heavy and I am sort of scrawny. I have to hook them and drag them to my station than lift them from the floor to my table. That is the most suckworthy part of the whole deal

  20. Being big and heavy is the fish’s final revenge.

    I doubt I could do that. I’d leave a couple fingers in the tuna.

  21. Oh and keep the knives very sharp.

    I have the reverse problem. A dead striped bass still managed to get through three layers of gloves to land a dorsal spin into the top of my middle finger. It is tolerable and doesn’t last too long but still it hurts like all hell

  22. Most fish that have spines feel the need to add venoms, infectuous microbes, and mucous to them.

    So where’d everybody go?

    Sonny Bono, Lou George the Animal Steel, That kid on the floor who Can’t Explain”?

  23. Is your finger going to swell up and fall off? šŸ˜›

    This place has been dead for a while. I was just hanging around obsessing over the Blog Stats.

  24. Are you avoiding Sonny, George, and the Kid?

    This is the one I ment. The one with those weird things was a mistake.

  25. You’ve still got lurkers *shiftyeyes*

    Was actually sifting through YouTube and was going to make some recommendations/requests…

  26. There must be some kind of serious weirdness going on because that isn’t it either. Until further notice I declare my links good ones but not the ones I intend

  27. A particular favorite of mine…

    Warning!! This one’s not for the weak of stomach or heart. The video clips are from the movie Saving Private Ryan and are extremely graphic. I recommend it because of the fine editing job the creator of this clip did.

  28. Are you going to answer the MFK or not? That would bring out something although who knows what

  29. neoke17
    We used to listen to a lot of Rage where I work becuase the work is physical and high paced. I got a little burnt on it and haven’t listened for awhile. Good Pick!

    I’ll be sure to check the other in a moment

  30. Smartass. šŸ˜€

    I only know who Sonny Bono is, and I think I’d like to leave him dead. Which one should I marry?

  31. šŸ˜€ Many thanks Zooey

    I saw them at Lollapalooza ’93 I think. I’d never heard of them and was completely floored by what I saw. I will forever be a fan of Tom Morello and it was a liner note from one of their albums (the 1st I think) that got me turned on to Noam Chomsky.

  32. I gotta place now? When did this happen and who in the name of Pete is paying the bills? šŸ˜›

    MFK = Marry/F*@k/Kill?

  33. neoke, your songs are up on the thread above this one — your place.

    Yep — Marry, Fuck or Kill. dbadass’s game. šŸ™‚

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