Confession time

Oooookay. So I admit it. In the 1970s I had such an enormous crush on this woman I would have crawled through broken glass just to nibble on her ear. I loved her voice, I loved her choice of material and I thought she was just about the most gorgeous woman ever. And I finally did see her in concert, twice, without the broken glass. Maybe I was lame, but there it is. And this was always one of my favorite songs (written by Gary B Wright); it always choked me up.

And a little strangeness that cropped up in YouTube. I had a beautiful silver-gray cat I named Phoebe, after one of my favorite singers. And here she is with . . .


11 thoughts on “Confession time

  1. Shoop shoop.

    I enjoyed the music of both these artist. I voted for Jerry Brown in the Presidential primaries, even though I had to write in his name. The candidate in the red flannel shirt that didn’t take contributions greater than $50.00 from an individual. Like so many other good candidates, Jerry couldn’t get enough backing. We are, owned by the corporations.

  2. I was wondering when the music would start. I re-scheduled the video that I posted.

  3. All of you older folks (*cough gummitch*…..*cough zooey*……*cough cats*…) get down on it!

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist a little Friday night rebellion.

  4. Hey – I’m not as old as Zooey πŸ™‚

    True – is that fur balls making you cough?

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