Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones..

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On Friday morning’s episode of the Today Show on NBC, host Matt Lauer discussed Monday night’s testy debate between presidential candidates Sens. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and Barack Obama (D-IL). In particular, he focused on her allegation that Obama had represented Tony Rezko, the indicted Chicago businessman whom she referred to as a “slum lord.”

Lauer then presented Clinton with a photo of Rezko posing between Sen. Clinton as first lady and her husband during his presidency. He asked if she remembered meeting Rezko. (This article has the video).

Clinton is playing dirty, and she’s a hypocrite. I for one have had enough of this kind of stuff.


11 thoughts on “Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones..

  1. NPR covering the fact that it’s one thing for the Repubs to Swiftboat Kerry, but far more sinister for the Clintons to Swiftboat Obama.

    Hey Muse, are you watching the ME at all? I don’t post on TP unless their agenda is showing these days. I’ve had posts like this one censored over there this week:

    “What did we miss?

    You’d think that events in Egypt, which are on the BBC’s front page as top story and clearly represent a major issue changing the current situation in Israel/Egypt/Gaza would be something that Thinkprogress would at least want to mention. After all, the Administration’s ME fantasies do rely on the Palestinians rolling over and perhaps playing dead too – something which this week’s events plainly demonstrate that they are not willing to do so.

    The Palestinians’ crime – apparently they elected the wrong people. Bad Palestinians, rollover, play dead. No, why don’t you starve in your ghetto?

    /sarcasm off”

  2. Glass houses are easy targets for tarring.
    Obama may take the high road, but if he’d like to start slinging some mud of his own, he’s got plenty of ammo with the Nevada caucus debacle…

  3. I am watching the Palestinean story closely. I haven’t commented on it because it is really emotional for me. I have a friend who’s daughter was killed in Gaza. Its a tough issue for me, and impossible for me to be objective about.

  4. I am not saying the Obama isn’t slinging stones himself, but I think the Clinton’s are really crossing some lines. I am sick of these tactics and all the garbage rhetoric..

  5. I’m sick of them all….Can’t post on the Israel stuff today either…Nothing good to say except…..Blessings to you all.

  6. There was a column in the morning paper highlighting more Clinton hypocrisy. They’ve been claiming that Obama was praising Reagan (although he only commented on Reagan’s impact politically) when Clinton in 1991 was far more effusive about Reagan in very real terms.

    I’ve never been a huge fan of Bill Clinton, but this is really leaving a bad taste. He’s a vicious bastard.

  7. TtT, yes. Her mom was one of my best friends for a number of years when I lived in Washington. Rachel was the same age as my oldest son. My friend (Rachel’s mom) was a musician and we played music together once a week for seven years while our kids were younger and growing up..
    She was forwarding me all Rachel’s emails from Gaza while she was there. It was devastating.. Too much for words..

  8. I remember the morning Rachel was killed. I got up, turned on my computer, opened my web browser and there was her face. I knew immediately that she was dead before I even read the article. I spent two weeks crying and then weeks after that gathering articles, photos, writing letters pleading for an investigation or further looking into it, and sending it all off to Congressmen and Senators. I sent out 50 packets trying to get something done. It was right around the start of the Iraq War. I never received one single response. Not one.

  9. I’m so sorry. Take some comfort that she made an impact if people who didn’t know her remember what she was doing and what happened to her.

  10. Muse, I had to do a refresher course about Rachel. Once I started reading about it, I remembered it very well. Terribly sad and such a needless death. Her parents, however, must be very proud of her because she was doing the Good Work.

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