54 thoughts on “Its finally snowing here!

  1. Hey! You Oregonians stole all our snow!

    We were forecast to get 1-3″ last night, I just went out and vacuumed and washed the car in our balmy 39o weather!!! Not a flake, dusting, nil, nada, zip.

    Thanks. Amber was looking forward to making snowpeople today… Wahhhh!

  2. We got zip snow in Portland; as far as I can tell, it got about as far north as Muse’s house and quit. My son reports they got a lot of snow in Eugene but we’re in a dry pocket. Which is fine with me because it makes my job much easier. Tonight? Who knows? NWS is still telling me 100% chance of snow this afternoon. Maybe they have no windows and can’t look outside.

  3. You’re very welcome to some of ours but you’ll have to pick up. The Yankees up here are too cheap to ship. Oops they also prefer that we use the word frugal in place of cheap. It is supposed to dignify it or something

  4. Oh joy, the guy we hire to clear our parking lot is scraping the snow even higher into the landscaping.

    It’s only 6 feet deep already. I guess he’ll be buying us a few new shrubberies in the spring. Nice ones. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Poor weather persons, never get it right…The “Big one” we were suposto get didn’ happen….Good thing though….Just a little sloppie here…..Bear love’s the puddles and I have boot’s….Relax, movie day…Blessings to you all

  6. nwmuse,

    Maybe we should switch homes.

    I’m dealing with heavy, wet, gusty, snow all night.
    I don’t like it one bit.


    Plus, the snow gets encrusted into Biscuit’s fur. I had to blow dry her legs just to melt the snow.

  7. I was trying to tell dbadass that biscuit is indeed my puppy.

    The weather over here is “wild and woolly”

    The wind is pretty darned brisk – about 30-50 mph.

    I will not be having fun shovelling tomorrow.

  8. Our snow has picked up, and the temps are dropping. Oh joy.

    I knew I shouldn’t have been happy that Spokane was getting it’s ass kicked — it’s coming here too. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  9. Heh!

    So it wasn’t just me?

    I could take a couple of pictures of the (f-ing) snow tonight/tomorrow if you need wintery scenes for The Zoo.

    Then I want it all to melt.

  10. Hey, I’ll take all the pics I can get for the Zoo. If you upload them to an album on your FB, I’ll raid it for the pics — and give you credit, of course. Just make sure you label what they are, or where. I’d hate to guess. ๐Ÿ˜†

  11. Ok, sneakier.

    I was 17, then.
    Convinced my parents of a weekend away with friends—— nuh-uh. Played house with the boyfriend.

    And I’m not sure if I’d classify Dr. Dick times as devious. I think it was more like, “Pissed off mother trying to explain why dickhead father wouldn’t come home.”

  12. I have never ever seen snow, and I believe I can die that way. Thank you.

    (How was my “I’m bitter, I don’t care” comment today?)

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