Sunday (and Saturday) Op-eds of note..

I don’t normally do it this way, but there were so many good op-ed pieces out today that I decided to lump them all together in one post.

via: CommonDreams

From Naomi Klein (author of “The Shock Doctrine”):
Why The Right Loves a Disaster“.

From Frank Rich (NY Times):
The Billary Road to Republican Victor

Helen Thomas:
Candidates: Come Clean About Iraq

From Naomi Wolf (Author of “The End of America”):
It’s Time to Hold Democratic House Leaders in Contempt

From Glenn Greenwald (from Salon):
Bill Clinton: The Chris Matthews of South Carolina

Also from Glenn Greenwald (from Saturday) :
More Disruptions to The Cheney/Rockefeller FISA Plan

And on the same subject..

From The Washington Post (via Truthout):
Veto of Wiretap Measure Is Threatened” :

Bush wants to add immunity for phone companies.
The White House warned Democratic leaders yesterday that President Bush would veto a proposal to extend an expiring surveillance law by 30 days, saying that Congress should quickly approve a Senate bill favored by the Bush administration.

The move is aimed at forcing Congress to renew and expand the Protect America Act – which is due to expire at the end of the day Thursday – and escalates a national security showdown between Democrats and the White House just before the president’s annual State of the Union address.

A senior administration official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of ongoing negotiations with Congress, said lawmakers “have had six months to not pass a bill – they don’t need 30 more days to not pass a bill.”

From the lead editorial today in the NY Times (via Truthout):
The FISA Follies, Redux“:

The Senate (reportedly still under Democratic control) seems determined to help President Bush violate Americans’ civil liberties and undermine the constitutional separation of powers. Majority Leader Harry Reid is supporting White House-backed legislation that would expand the administration’s ability to spy on Americans without court supervision and ensure that the country never learns the full extent of Mr. Bush’s illegal wiretapping program.

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