Rudy on toast

Or rather, Rudy Is Toast. Mr 911 got kicked solidly in the butt in New Hampshire, so solidly that he liked to pretend it was actually his strategy to ignore New Hampshire and concentrate on Florida, even though he had campaigned vigorously in the Granite State. So the theory has been that he would focus on all those ex-New Yorkers living in Florida, and capitalize on his tough guy persona, steal the state away from Mitt and John and build some momentum for next week. It doesn’t look good for the strategy.

But despite vigorous campaigning throughout the state—Giuliani has spent 50-plus days crisscrossing Florida—polls here never turned around. Instead, they continued to dip lower and lower. Yesterday a Zogby poll put him in fourth place behind McCain, Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee. Less than 24 hours before the voting booths open, Giuliani finds himself floundering in a state that he still insists is “Rudy Country.”

Rudy has apparently come up with a new strategy, trying to take advantage of the Mitt & John show. The two front-runners have been hissing and snapping at each other, each of them going overboard to accuse the other of being a phony conservative and a flip-flopper. Rudy’s new strategy?

He’s spending less time talking tough on terror and more time playing political referee, tsk-tsking McCain and Romney for taking shots at one another. “I’m sick and tired of this negative campaigning. I’m sick and tired of all this name-calling,” he said at a rally in Fort Meyers. Earlier that day he lamented the way his fellow Republicans are “attacking one another” and called upon Florida “to send a message that the kind of candidate, the kind of president you want, will follow a positive campaign.”

Meanwhile, “Independent” “Democrat” Joe Lieberman is campaigning for Jews for John, as reported by The Jerusalem Post, trying to wrestle the Jewish Republican vote away from Rudy.

One Republican constituency, though, that fits a more independent profile is the Jewish community. Jewish Republicans have largely backed Giuliani because they prefer his liberal views on social issues, his New York connection – where many of them are from originally – and his leadership following September 11.

But Lieberman said it is McCain, with his demonstrated bipartisanship and his experience as a war hero and in the senate, who should appeal to voters looking for a strong hand in the post-9/11 reality.

And, of course, Hillary Clinton is campaigning for nondelegates in Florida, trying to make up for the thumping she got in South Carolina.

Tomorrow should be vaguely interesting, if only because it likely means the last we’ll be hearing from Rudy 911.

Sibel Edmonds: ‘Buckle up, there’s much more coming.’

Here is an interview by Luke Ryland with Sibel Edmonds via OpEdNews:

In the last few weeks, UK’s Times has run a series of articles about the so-called ‘Sibel Edmonds case.’ (‘For sale: West’s deadly nuclear secrets, ‘FBI denies file exposing nuclear secrets theft’ and ‘Tip-off thwarted nuclear spy ring probe’)

Former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds stumbled into a world of espionage, nuclear black market, narcotics trafficking, money laundering, and corruption at the highest levels of the US government.

I interviewed Sibel yesterday regarding the current investigation and reporting by the Times, the failures of the US media, and last week’s decision by the Bush administration to legalize the sale of nuclear technology to Turkey, in an apparent to exonerate prior criminal activity by officials in his administration.

Sibel also has some urgent ‘action items’ so that we can stop these dangerous nuclear proliferation activities. I urge you to act on her suggestions.

Read entire article (4 pages)…

You might also want to read this article in by Justin Raimondo called ” None Dare Call It Treason
Who is stealing our nuclear secrets – and why are they being shielded by the authorities?

Raimondo ties in the Edmonds story to the Valerie Plame Wilson story, and its implications.

Message from Dennis Kucinich

There are two posts that are must-reads:

AfterDowningStreet: “Corporate media strategy: silence Kucinich, then remove him from office

Over the past several weeks, the alphabets of corporate media dug their heels in the court system and in the federal agency established to protect and advocate fairness on the public airwaves (FCC), to keep Dennis Kucinich from bringing his ideas – your ideas – to the Democratic Presidential debates: ABC … NBC … GE … MSNBC … CNN.

On Sunday, another major media corporation, The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer newspaper, followed the lead established by the national media, and demanded that Dennis Kucinich should be removed from his office as Congressman in the 10th District of Ohio. Why? “his defiance” of Congressional go-along, get-along policies.

It’s time fight back against the powers that are trying to steal your power as citizens of the United States of America.

American Everyman with willyloman: Kucinich Never Quit Trying to Leverage the Democratic Party to Our Needs as Americans; Now He Needs Our Help:

Please help this honest man stay in the House of Representatives. Republican and democrat alike must respect his candor as well as his tenacity.

Muse’s Monday Menagerie

Good morning! Its cold and there is still snow in the forecast for today. So, while I sit here sipping my hot coffee, I’ll give a rundown of news highlights.

Tonight is the President’s State of the Union Address. Today is also the day the Rep. Dennis Kucinich will take to the floor of the House to introduce Articles of Impeachment against President George W. Bush.

Brattleboro, Vermont residents will vote at town meeting on whether President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney should be indicted and arrested for war crimes, perjury or obstruction of justice if they ever step foot in Vermont. There is a post in OpEdNews that discusses this possibility:

Power Retained By We the People: Vermont, Mass, and Kentucky discussing arrest warrants for President, consistent with the 10th Amendment. The Constitution does not narrowly prohibit only Congress to take legal action. The Constitution only delegates the impeachment power of investigation/removal to the House and Senate. Rather, the power to arrest a sitting President is one that is retained by We the People, via the 10th Amendment.

Wouldn’t that be interesting if states starting doing this and the Pres and VP weren’t able to travel to any of those states for the rest of their terms in office (and beyond) for fear of being arrested for war crimes?

Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, On Foot – A nice piece on John Nirenberg, the man from Vermont who walked 500 miles to meet with Nancy Pelosi to call for hearings into the conduct of President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, with the possibility of impeachment.

There’s another piece on the Sibel Edmonds story this morning on The Dissident Voice by Gary Leupp called “We Can’t Afford to Let Them Spill the Beans”
Sibel Edmonds on Marc Grossman

Collateral Damage: Surveillance Aimed at Terrorists Can Easily Go Awry by Jeff Stein, National Security Editor, CQ Staff:

U.S. intelligence tapped the telephone calls of Lawrence Wright, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Looming Tower, starting in 2002.

This may well be news to many people, even though Wright revealed the taps himself in a sprawling, 15,000-word article on electronic surveillance in the Jan. 21 edition of The New Yorker magazine.

Perhaps because the article was not available online it lacked the link-juice to propel it into a frenzy over the “domestic spying” on the Web, the cable news shows and leading American newspapers.

Read entire article…

Here’s another plug for two DVD’s to keep your eyes out for: “Uncounted – the New Math of American Politics” and “No End in Sight“. Both of these films are important and need to be viewed by all Americans to have a much better understanding of how we got to this point and what is broken in our government. “No End in Sight” has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary.

Obama and Clinton will both be heading back to Washington to vote against cloture on the FISA Bill.

Here is a video on how Cheney pushes to make eavesdropping law permanent:

Ted Kennedy Endorses Obama

This afternoon Senator Kennedy along with Caroline Kennedy and Representative Patrick Kennedy will attend an event at American University to lend their support to Barack Obama.  This despite pleas from Bill Clinton to at least remain neutral on the issue. 

Ted Kennedy’s endorsement is considered to be the most sought after because of his fundraising and political connections and because he is such an ardent campaigner.


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