Good Morning from Europe – 354 opportunities to impeach!

Good Morning! The GOP Californian Debate has caught the eye of “The Times'” US editor Gerard Baker. And, if an article starts thus:

Another pretty dreadful debate, to be frank. Once again CNN demonstrated how little it really understands the Republican party. Anderson Cooper in particular continues to treat Republicans as some sort of anthropological curiosity, gingerly throwing them silly questions as a zookeeper might throw lumps of rotting meat into a cage full of irritable lions.

it’s made for TheZoo.

Here are the highlights, according to my borrowed European view:

I actually thought the worst moment of the whole debate was McCain’s stupid little snipe about how Romney had done a good job buying and selling companies resulting in some people being laid off. It was the kind of thing that testified both to McCain’s uncontrollable tendency towards nastiness and to the rather troubling attitude he sometimes displays towards business. No-one likes the idea of workers being laid off but it sounds very odd for a self-described conservative and strong supporter of the free market to be expressing doubt about a company’s feeedom to control its labour costs.


More than a third of the way through (it seems longer) and I don’t think anyone’s earth has moved yet. Tedious doesn’t begin to capture it.

Public Works: Interesting exposition of classical Keynesian stimulus economics by the ever-entertaining Huckabee.

Climate Change: McCain looks and sounds tired. Maybe he’s hoping that if he talks…really…slowly….everybody will just fall asleep and the debate will change nothing.

Read more here: It sounds like you didn’t miss much, when you decided to do something useful instead of watching the debate.

What if McCain prevails and will be nominated in the end? Hard times for the Republican Party ahead. As said in yesterday’s post, the likes of Malkin and Coulter are livid and the Party establishment will work him hard to change some of his positions. To top this off, Republican outsiders Giuliani and Schwarzenegger have endorsed McCain.

Now, the Democratic Party has another set of problems to solve. Sadly, John Edwards has quit the race. Who is going to get his delegates, asks “The Guardian”. And the Times helps us out with a useful list of endorsements for either candidate. “Der Spiegel” provides us with a calculation, why none of the candidates will finally win the nomination on Super Tuesday. Here’s why: Democrats need 2025 delegates for nomination. Hillary Clinton has 232, Barack Obama 158, (Edwards 62). 1678 Delegates will be determined at Super Tuesday. Given that one cadidate takes all Hillary Clinton can get 1910 (1972 if she gets Edwards’), Obama 1836 (1898 Edwards’ included) that’s still not 2025. And, it explains, why Hillary Clinton is so keen on including the Florida delegates despite her signing a party agreement, that the Floridians are out. The calculation for the Republicans looks similar (McCain max. 1178, Romney max. 1155/ 1191 needed). So, prepare for an ongoing battle. Even if you don’t live in a Super Tuesday State, your vote may still make a difference.

And finally, away from the elections. Which branch of the economy is still reaping record profits? Right – Oil

“Europeanview” wishes you all a happy and healthy day. Take care!

4 thoughts on “Good Morning from Europe – 354 opportunities to impeach!

  1. Fantastic recap EV! I watched the debate but couldn’t blog it because my server was down until last night, leaving me with no internet.
    The debate was AWFUL! It was framed in such a way as to maximize antagonism between John McCain and Mitt Romney. You would hardly know there were two other people on that stage. ALL the questions were directed at flash points – inviting nasty attacks adn exchanges; no substance whatsoever. There were three moderators, yet they allowed the two men to go on and on with their snarky nastiness and accusations. Ron Paul was given next to no time at all. At one point he got really annoyed and said “what are we doing here?!” He told Anderson Cooper that they should be discussing serious issues, not letting these two go on and on arguing the semantics of something that happened two years ago (or didn’t happen at all).. He got a roar of approval from the crowd which Cooper cut off quickly. Every time Ron Paul tried to respond to something, he was rudely cut off adn promised he would be given an opportunity (which never came). When he was asked a question, it was framed in such a way as to make him look out of the Republican mainstream and ridiculous. And in his responses, he was cut off every single time before he could adequately finish.
    John McCain is just a mean, nasty man. I can’t stand any of the GOP candidates, but McCain is the least ‘presidential’ of any of them. He doesn’t have the disposition for it. Ron Paul was the only candidate talking nuts and bolts and offering substance, but he isn’t getting traction.
    And, OMG, Nancy Reagan had to be sinking in her seat.. They were fighting all over each other invoking Ronald Reagan’s name.. They were revising history, basically making it up as they went in a few places. They were putting words in Reagan’s mouth – and he’s a dead guy! They should have just walked out on stage with Reagan masks on..
    There were far too many obvious cheap shots and low blows. McCain and Romney looked like they had each come with their lists of insults and they were checking them off as they went down their lists. Undignified, and unproductive. This country is in serious trouble, and this was the best they could do? Info-tainment at its worst.
    I was disgusted when the whole thing was done. CNN adn Cooper should be ashamed of themselves.
    I am quite sure tonight will be a similar display with the Democratic candidates.

  2. Even if you don’t live in a Super Tuesday State, your vote may still make a difference.

    What if your candidate was muscled/ridiculed out of the debates (Kucinich), or ignored because of his anti-corporate rhetoric (Edwards) or wasn’t ‘minority enough’ despite excellent credentials (Richardson).

    In other words what’s the vote good for, if the choice has gone? Doesn’t sound democratic to me.

    “What do you do when democracy’s all through?
    What do you do, when minority means ‘you’?
    What do you do, when the rest can’t see it’s true? ”
    – The Proclaimers

  3. Good post EV and nwmuse…I didn’t watch the circus of clown’s and probably will not tonight either…It appear’s all the media is working in cahoot’s with huge big business asses to make the public turn away from this charade….

    It will be just as dangerious for our country if either Paul or Mcnasty win’s…

    It seems to me we don’t have much better on the Dem. side since the last two standing are backed by huge corprate money and IOU’s of what they must do for the corprate backer’s….Both have already stated over the last several month they don’t intend to make the present administration accountable for all their miss deed’s…The same statement came out of their scripted mouth’s..”We must move forward” when asked if they would look into all the crimes the bush bunch commited..

    There will be no change from Hillery or Obama on the war..2013 was put out there awhile ago….

    Both are pandering and using old saying’s or past heroe’s to pramote their run’s….MLK…JFK and relative’s of who ever had great past record’s and their relative’s are being used to sway the memory and voter turn out…….I am neither impressed or swayed by their track record’s and pissed off with their timing and ceramony of recent vote’s to try and prove their presidential ability….

    Flowery speeche’s and promises of “Change” is merely a buzz word, just like all the shit we have been shoveled for over 7 year’s…

    Sadly the good guy’s have been sent home with out a voice for the public to hear..The people like Gavel, Kucinich, Richardson, Edward’s, Biden and Dodd all had better voting and true change quality than Hillery and Obama combined…Any one of the above I could of voted for before voting for Obama or Hillery.

    I’m not one to vote for a pretty face, the first woman, the first black or against them either for those reason’s…….I look for track record’s, voting, past speeche’s and who’s backing that candidate and why…..Who are they in bed with so to speek..

    Guess what folk’s the last runner’s standing are all financed, show boated and pramoted by the same corprate big money…Kind of like the bush regime and their financing all side’s of these miserable war’s….

    My one vote may not matter much but it sure as hell is not going to the fucked up four…….

    Off to hug the trees and run the Bear…..Sorry for the length and Thank you all so much for your patience in letting me vent……Blessings and Peace.

  4. It seems to me we don’t have much better on the Dem. side since the last two standing are backed by huge corprate money and IOU’s of what they must do for the corprate backer’s

    OK, critters – how do we get to know just whose pockets HillaryBill and Obama are in. Anecdotally, i would guess:

    Obama: Big Farm (and Big Ethanol)
    HillaryBill: Big Pharma

    Anyone got a lead into this? Campaign finance statements?

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